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I just noticed, during a quick viewing and didn't think much of it till this morning, some we have mentioned already, but the sequence of events, perhaps there are more to this sequence, would hypocracy or hypacrates be a word to describe AJ and his Dad? Let me get to my point...

1. We had AJ and the family in the house as Tony went home, the "In our Neighborhood", comment.

2. AJ talking to his mom in bed with Bianca, he suppose to be working.

3. We have AJ greeting his "normal" white suburban friends of similar 20-30 year old age group looking bright and cheary all ready for the pool. They don't look like they are from "His Neighborhood or Our Neighborhood " or that they would even know Bianca.

Wondering how this plays out in their future relationship, is ihe living his real life or he living more than one life? Which world is he living in? I am trying to put my finger on somethings here but maybe lacking the words.

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Jana wrote:I watched the episode again, and when Janice said "There you are!" etc. IT SOUNDED EXACTLY LIKE LIVIA. Props to whoever pointed that out (sorry I don't remember who it was)

I remember feeling doom for Carmela the first time I watched the episode. The way she was rubbing her neck, etc. After the fight, she was in pain etc. Usually people go to the doc to get one thing checked out and something else is picked up entirely. I wonder if this is how they are going to go with this character.

Foreboding, dread and doom watching the episode again.

feel free to file this under 'going too far with the symbolism' ... Carmela was wearing orange the night of the Monopoly fight (as was Bobby, for that matter, and there was a shot of oranges on the counter right before the fight) Carm also had an orange shirt on the day after the fight.

of course the episode is full of other orange sightings and all sorts of symbolism, just bringing up the shirt b/c I didn't notice it until now, and b/c I know there's been speculation by some that Carmela will die before the series ends

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Splishak wrote:Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh!

I can't wait.

It's Sunday at 20:19 and The Sopranos will be on in 41 minutes but I just can't wait.

I'm a growned man. But I feel like a groaned man now. I just can't wait.

What'sadamatta wit me? Huh?

Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh!
It's funny..cause I am just as excited..if not borderline ANGRY.

Time was a-dragging today!
I didn’t want to show crime pays, I didn’t want to show crime doesn’t pay...David Chase on the ending

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I have taken some time before posting.
It is my opinion that Tony has to be at a crossroads, he was beaten down by Bobby of all people, the person that he and others have made fun of in the beginning.
"You ought to seriously consider salads you fat f***"

What next, does Georgie the Bartender kick his ass?
Paulie: "You’re not gonna believe this. The guy killed 16 Czechoslovakians. He was an interior decorator."

Christopher:" His house looked like shit. "

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I gave this episode an 8. At time sit was plodding and slow to develop. It featured a few memorable moments, the whole Monopoly game was very entertaining as was the out of nowhere fight between Tony and Bobby. Who thought Bacala had it in him? It also featured Bobby getting his beak wet, with his first kill, forever changing his life as he entered the dark side.

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dad1153 wrote:I have to see this episode again to make sure but I don't remember Tony using the word "killed" or "murdered." I remember using vague terms like "your sister's problem taken care of... and I don't mean lawyers." Plausible denial, especially since the two Canadians got up and walked away from the table to discuss Tony's offer. Only Bobby and Tony were at the table when the order was given (again, going by memory from only one viewing). Also, did the meeting take place in Canadian or American territory? :icon_question:
According to Steve Schirripa on the DVD commentary, the bar scene takes place in Canada (but is filmed in New Jersey).

Re: Episode 6.13: Soprano Home Movies - Grades & General Rev

To me, by far the best of any of the season openers....

I laugh at those who say the show slipped and "jumped the sharK"...btw, "jumped the shark" has.......

The final 9, to me are the pinnacle of the series....yes there are individual episodes along the way that are as good

The montage of Bobby and his daughter that ends the episode is as moving and brilliant as anything I've ever seen on TV, or film....

The underlying feeling of menace and dread that permeates the episode sets the tone for the episodes to follow...

BTW......did anyone else catch, that when Tony is telling the story of the kid who drowned in the pool (foreshadowing of AJ)....when he is describing what happens to the kid, at the exact moment he says "brain dead" you hear the bell toll on the dock......
Historically, that's been the case.

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