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I watched the episode again, and when Janice said "There you are!" etc. IT SOUNDED EXACTLY LIKE LIVIA. Props to whoever pointed that out (sorry I don't remember who it was)

I remember feeling doom for Carmela the first time I watched the episode. The way she was rubbing her neck, etc. After the fight, she was in pain etc. Usually people go to the doc to get one thing checked out and something else is picked up entirely. I wonder if this is how they are going to go with this character.

Foreboding, dread and doom watching the episode again.

Re: Episode Review and General Comments

Janice and Tony's sibling rivalry rages on,
getting more vicious and embattled. Janice
is now also in therapy, which could account
for the whole episode at the lake house being
focused on the complex dynamics between brother
and sister, with their spouses being clueless.

If push comes to shove, I'm sure Janice will
sacrifice Bobby before she ever gives up playing
"Monopoly" with Tony. Carmela seems fed-up with
the whole mess. Christopher is her nephew, making
it a long-shot that he'll ever succeed Tony Soprano.


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and thought it was a great way to kick off the final 9. I read that some thought the ep. was a little slow, but I thought some great acting and direction more than made up for any lack of "action".

-I'm usually not one for spoilers so I was certainly surprised to see them open up with the scene in Johnny Sac's backyard. For those who like to see them bring up old storylines this must have been a good way to kick off the ep.

-I really liked the scene with the NY crew. Looks like they'll be playing a big role in the final 9 which is good. I mean they had more screen time than Chris, Paulie, and Sil put together. I'm assuming Doc is the guy who ran the family in Phil's absence.

-What was Phil thinking with that glance over at Johnny's picture? Can he now identify with the heartaches (I guess literally for him) associated with being a boss? Also, I'm kind of surprised that they would still have his picture on the wall. I thought the crew would separate themselves from Sac completely after admitting to the existence of OC.

-The Lake scenes were obviously a little slow but, again, great acting by all parties involved. You could tell the fight was coming from a mile away. I liked the conversation between Bobby and Tony in the boat.

-Then it ends with one of the more gruesome hits ever on the show (at least in my opinion). Clearly Tony is using his authority to get back at Bobby for beating him up. What will result from this though is the big question. Will Tony recognize Bobby's loyalty and forget about the fight? Will being upstaged by a soldier stick with him? Who knows.

My only complaint, as mentioned, was that we didn't get to see much of the other crew members. I would expect Stage 5 to deal mostly with crew business as the pace picks up a bit.

Overall good episode. I'd say it was as entertaining as any of the 1st 12.

Re: Episode Review and General Comments

Just watched the Saturday night repeat (my last chance before we turn our collective attention to Sunday's new episode) and caught one last thing I hadn't noticed before: the deer head in Bobby's wall. Bobby is proud of his hunting skills (which include his own set of rules like only using bow and arrow) and has the deer's head for everyone to see. With the hit he carried out for Tony Bobby violated with his defenseless victim the same rules he applies to hunting an animal. I think this is David Chase's way of showing that Bobby, regarded by many fans as one of the most likable and less sadistic characters within the "Sopranos" universe, is still a pretty horrible and nasty form of human being. Bobby sets rules for hunting deer, yet shoots an unarmed man point-blank in the head? Monstruous, just like hiis out-of-nowhere racial slur about blacks in "Kaisha" (theoretically the episode right before this one; back-to-back strikes agains Bobby's "character").

Bobby, unlike his deer head, won't be able to brag or proudly display his human hunting skills to others. Heck, taken as a whole one could argue that Tony truly has set the downfall of his niece Dominica's life by turning her father into a monster. Maybe Bobby was destined to be a good father to his daughter (like Tony has been to his own kids) and protect Nica from Janice's Livia-fostered bad tendencies. If the killing Bobby did changes him for the worse he won't be able or willing to stop Janice from permanently ruining his kids' formative years. And the Livia cycle of destruction continues...

Re: Episode Review and General Comments

HagensBing1977 wrote:When Tony shows up to visit Janice, she says "There you are!" and I sh!t you not she sounded exactly like Livia. In fact, I'd bet that they inserted her voice into that scene to make Janice sound like her. Somebody go back and give me confirmation on this one
And how about when Janice and Carm talk? Last thing Janice says is, "What did I say?" Classic Livia line.
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