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uffalogal, I thought the same thing, especially since I'd just read a cover story in Newsweek on strokes and related maladies, including mini-strokes.

To be clear, the terms used in the show by the doctor were "infarct" and "mini strokes". I used the term TIA, because it is my lay understanding that "TIA" is the term used to describe a pattern of multiple, transient, small strokes in the brain, which the doctor talked about. There certainly is a lot of literature where the terms are used interchangeably.

I suppose there could be some distinction between mini-strokes and TIA based on the degree of true "transiegency", however, and perhaps based on the degree of permanent brain damage afterward. So don't hold Chase and company responsible for the "TIA" bit in that event since that was my extrapolation.

The symtoms for TIA/mini strokes, which you listed, are largely the same as for full-blown strokes, except the symptoms disappear relatively quickly because the deprivation of blood flow is only temporary. However some people can have them with no real symptoms at all, completely unaware that their brains have just had little infarcts.

I know someone who has been diagnosed with TIA, and during the acute phase of her attacks, she doesn't experience any of the numbness, weakness, or asymetric body changes that are among the most common symptoms. What she does experience is an aboslute confusion about where she is or why she's there; she often engages in involuntary motor movements (her hand drawing circles, for instance); she has severe short term memory loss and, after the attack subsides, cannot recall what happened during it; and she talks nonsensically with a bit of speech slurring.

So what I've learned from this personal experience leads me to think the symptoms in individual cases can be quite diverse and more inclusive than the bullet point symptoms that mark the condition in the majority of sufferers.

The best answer, perhaps, is what I just found in a Google search on the condition, namely that there is a form of dementia CAUSED by TIAs:

"After Alzheimer's disease, the nation's second leading cause of progressive mental deterioration is multi-infarct dementia. "Infarct" means tissue death, in this case, tissue in the brain. Brain tissues dies because the affected individual suffers a series of mini-strokes known as "transient ischemic attacks" (TIAs). Basically, multi-infarct dementia results from cumulative cerebral damage caused by little strokes that may go unnoticed."

The full article is here:

This is very consistent with the doctor having remarked that Junior's brain exhibited some pretty substantial damage from a prior ministroke or series of strokes, something I presume they would have diagnosed from an MRI. He also asked if Tony had noticed a gradual deterioration of Junior's condition mentally over the last 6-12 months, which suggests to me the doctor was talking about an accumulation of permanent brain damage manifesting quite separate and apart from symptoms which present during a TIA or mini stroke itself. However, the doctor never used the terms dementia or MID (multi infarct dementia) specifically.

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I'm Really gonna miss Junior

Its gonna be be hard to imagine the show without Junior. He is one of the funniest characters in it. His sarcasm and quik wit were classic. The on again off again relationship with Junior and Tony is also very entertaining. Tony also looks to junior for his point of view on certain subjects. I think that Tony sort of realizes that uncle Jun (as much of a pain in the ass he can be) really does love him and considers Tony as his own son since he never had one of his own. Thats why he always breaks Tony's balls. Tony will definatly miss having Junior around once he has gone. His immediate family is quikly dissipating over the last 4 episodes, (Carmella & the kids and now Junior) who does he have left? Janice? give me a break!

Anyway like i said I really think Junior was one of the best characters. He and Tony had a very funny relationship made me laugh alot. I'm really going to miss "Uncle Jun"<img src= ALT=":evil">


Re: I'm Really gonna miss Junior

Dear God (or, I suppose I should say, Dear David Chase), PLEASE don't let Junior die or go totally senile. One of the reasons I loved the way the 4th season ended was because of its cliffhanger quality. It left so many burning issues to be resolved later in the season. One of them is Uncle Junior's future in the family. After his mistrial, what's next?

I just hope he won't go out like a punk. He's been such an interesting, entertaining and pivotal character so far--not to mention funny as hell and a killer with one-liners. I really have wanted to see him get out from under his house arrest recently. (I mean, it's been, what, 3 seasons now, that he's been stuck in that crappy old house in Belleville? It's time to switch up Junior's flow now!) But such an exit by means of death or senility is most manifestly NOT what I had in mind.

One of the most intriguing--yet overlooked!--aspects of the plot of the show is that he still is, technically, the titular boss of the family; even to this day, Tony is still technically only the "Street" boss. Tony let Junior "keep his stripes" in Season 2, Episode 2, and nothing said since by either character suggests that that arrangement has fundamentally changed. One of the pivotal themes of the next season or two HAS to be how that arrangement will change--and with what consequences.

Given that, I'd HATE for such an intriguing plot development with so much potential to be pissed away in such a copout manner. For Junior to go out cheaply would not do justice to his character and would waste great plot potential. I sure as hell hope he makes a comeback.

Uncle Jun'--do not go gently into that good night! Rage, rage against the dying of the light!


Ill cry

Ill cry if and when Junior dies. He is such a favorite. He always makes me smile with his funny remarks on this and that.......I always wanted to see him and Livia get together because they had so much in common with their griping....... I always thought they were so cute together.

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