Uncle Jun...

Is a goner! How many more signs do you need??? First him walking on a bridge all alone...next hiding next to a "recycling" dumpster...then with Tony bringing him FISH...last with him commenting on how the prairie dog sleeps during the day...

My guess, he's gone in the next episode or two.



Re: Uncle Jun...

It really does seem that Junior's days are numbered. But things rarely go exactly as expected with the Sopranos. Here we thought he was having dementia or Alzheimer's onset, but then we hear the diagnosis is TIA and that it can be reasonably controlled with medication.

The thing I can't forget, however, is that he had a very serious form of cancer, one that was not successfully treated with surgery and which, as we learned from the frank, closed door session of the tumor board, does not respond well to chemotherapy. His remission or "cure", as is often the case with serious cancers, is likely only temporary, with a recurrence or metastasis on the near horizon.

So he could go in any number of ways, and sooner does seem more likely than later, based on the foreshadowing. Even Tony getting the tacit affirmation of his love seemed like a farewell present from Junior. Time will tell.


Jr's health and transfer of power to Tony

The scenes of Jr. last night were great. The outdoor scenes of him wandering were all done in Newark. The scene on the bench by the empty lot, was done near the Irvington line, the 'bottle' a water tank from the abandoned Pabst Beer plant, which operated until the early 1980's. There is a Clay St. Bridge, which is off of Broad Street/Rt 21, and crossed the Passaic River into East Newark. The scenes of him at the mob meeting, showing problems talking normaly, at the dinner, the episode closer and throughout the show were the best work ever done of his character. I think we are seeing a process of a permenate transfer of the power of the family to Tony S. soon, as Jr. loses his ability to think, his otherwise declining health (recall the cancer). The others around them will also start to look at Tony for leadership and not Jr.. This may be a major arc in this season, probably Tony reaching the top of his powers by later this season, then setting up for the fall from power either at the end of this season or into next season.



I hate to see Junior like this it is not looking to good for him I agree but like it has been mentioned things don't always go as expected. However I do not see much hope in Juniors future even if he starts to get better he just isn't the same and with all the New York stuff hitting the fan Junior doesn't seem like he will be able to handle it. I don't know what Juniors end will be but I do think his days are numbered one way or another. Although Uncle Jun isn't always my favorite character he is priceless and it just would be wierd without him, I guess only time will tell, it has been quite a journey since season one and hopefully he has a few more scenes left in him.



"He never had the markings of a varsity athlete." Anyone catch this was the quote Tony mentioned to Melfi in the pilot that Junior quiped, hurting his feelings. I thought that was cool how they brought that back 54 episodes later (sorta like Curto mentioning his son with MS). This show would have the best continuity ever if it weren't for the damn casting changes.

Anyways I think Junior's days are numbered. I think that just as the Sack - LC was beings to heat up, Junior will die or commit suicide, probably by Episode 6 or 7 at the latest I'd say, creating yet another power vacuum, this time in Tony's area of the world, and possibly Feech might try to slip in or something above Tony, I think that could definitely happen. Either way I see the stuff hitting the fan in a major way and Tony stuck in the crossfire of nearly everyone else... could be the best season ever.



I had to look up the symptoms for this (transient ischemic attack), and it doesn't sound like what Uncle Jun has at all:

- weakness on one side of the body or an inability to move on one side
- numbness
- loss of or changes to vision
- difficulty speaking, finding, or understanding words
- vertigo
- drop attack (a sudden loss of strength in legs)

I haven't seen any of this with him. In fact, his behavior has been exactly like my mother's, who has Alzheimer's.

I'm a little confused about this.

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