Daytime Beatings

You talk about broad daylight beatings...remember in Season One where Tony and Christopher are chasing the HMO insurance guy with Christophers car on the grounds where the guy works... in front of all the employee going to work. First Tony clips him with the car..shattering his leg and then they both beat him in front of everyone standing around watching. What Feech and Paulie did pales in comparison....


Re: Broad daylight

Good point; but as I have said before, Season 1 didnt really concentrate on realism. Back than they didnt even know whether they were gonna get picked up as a series or not. So you have to suspend disbelief and try not to apply the rules of realism to Season 1. Not saying that its unrealistic; but there is little things here and there that you probably wouldnt see on the show today since realism has grown into a major factor on the show. Do you think you'd see Tony kill someone in broad daylight as he did Chucky Signore? Send 2 guys searching all over town for his sons science teachers car? Or as you mentioned, beating the shit out of an HMO guy in front of about 50 co workers?

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