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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I do also feel that Aid's time is ticking- she is either going to tell the FBI to Foff or she is going to get spotted. <hr></blockquote>

I agree, but the problem with her telling the FBI to f--- off is that if she does that, they'll bust her for moving cocaine through her nightclub. And if they do that, they'll also probably make sure Tony and the boys find out that she was baiting them out--which might very well mean curtain for her . . .

So in other words, I think Ade's informant status is going to get spotted eventually no matter what she does. Otherwise what's the point?


Re: Where's Johnny ~ Review

Did anyone else catch in the scene where Sal is mowing Johnnys lawn after Paulie has the sit-down and explains to Sal he has to mow Johnnys lawn from now on. That as they are mowing the lawn, the perspective of the camera makes it look as if the section of the lawn that they haven't mowed yet is shaped in a pyramid, and at the very point of the pyramid, Johns head emerges from his car, amazing subtextual filmwork. Never caught it before!
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.

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