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Awesome episode! Tony is the little boy and displayed this perfectly in the scene with Uncle Jun.

Janice is a brilliant character. Her level of manipulation is some of the best. I think Bobby is finally realizing what he got himself into.

I loved the scene & conflict between Paulie and Feech and I was waiting for something like this to happen. The way the turf battle was acted out was great and I think this will not be the last between those two.

What about Adrianna? It would be interesting if somebody, e.g. Rosalie, spots her in the car with the fbi lady.

Old Maid


Re: I agree

This was the best written episode since Whitecaps. The episode revealed dynamics concerning almost all the relationships that have a direct bearing on Tony's future. Tony having such a severe reaction to Uncle Junior's comments concerning his high school football days just illustrates Tony's ongoing effort to preserve the image that A.j. has of him. A.j.'s was the most surprised at the revelation concerning Tony's football days which was evidence by the look on his face. Tony has always manipulated A.J.'s view of him and I think he was threatened by the possibility of his son looking upon him differently due to Junior's comments.

Tony's moment with Junior at the end of this episode speaks volumes about Tony's need to be liked or loved by everyone around him.

Tony's confrontation with Janice was the most satisfying aspect of this episode, It took Tony all this time to finally express his true opinion of Janice to Janice without trying to be comical about Janice and her irresponsible behavior and her tendency to manipulate and eventually destroy every man whom she becomes involved with. I'm glad to see that Tony has finally taken the gloves off so to speak as far as Janice is concerned.

Paulie and Feech were the equivalent of two pit bulls in a dogfight. Each one not only unwilling but unable to compromise in anyway. In the end we'll see who is top dog between these to old school gangsters, Paulie has finally found in Feech someone just as ruthless and abhorrent as himself.

I'am now more than ever looking forawrd to what this upcoming season has in store.<img src= ALT=":evil">

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episode review

I personally think this was one of the best soprano episodes ever because of the great acting, and the humor which hasnt been around a lot lately, plus paulie being involved heavily. I would say this ranks in the top 5 episodes of all time with season 1 ep 6 and ep 12, season 3 ep 11 and season 4 ep 2. I still think season 1 episode 6 and 12 are the best episodes ever. This episode was capped off without melfi being the annoying marge simpson. That is the analogy I thought of. Everything is funny with homer or bart, but then marge has to add her compassion and virtuistic ideas into the mix.The same with melfi. The sopranos is a violent show with all human sins- food, cars, sex, money, greed etc. and melfi ruins it.Especially when she sees her therapist.Jesus h. christ it is the most pointless sh-t ever.


Junior and Tony

Tony has always been jealous of Janice. Was there some kind of subconscious retaliation towards her for being Johnny Boy's #1 girl? It was sad at the end for both Junior and Tony. The way Junior was crying reminded me of Boca after he'd pied Bobby. He does love these people, but he's so afraid of his own vulnerabilities. Does he know that he's dying? He must know.

Dostoevsky said in Brothers Karamazov that Hell was a place where we are incapable of love. He warns in the book that if we miss our chance here on earth, to love and be loved, then we have sentenced ourselves to Hell, a limbo land without love where we are an eternity away from the potential acts of love on earth. Maybe that's what's going on with him right now.

Or he could just be dying and he's sad and pissed, scared and regretful? WEll it's all the same.


Re: Where's Johnny ~ Review

I am loving this season, and this was the best show so far. Janice is a pain in the ass and I agree with some of the others that she will "move away" before the end of the season. I do also feel that Aid's time is ticking- she is either going to tell the FBI to Foff or she is going to get spotted. It appears that she is taking more and more risks where and when she meets with the Feds. Chris has shown that he still doesnt get it. His outburst with Johnny S and T. took him one big step back. I think this old school new school line is going to go in some very very interesting places this season- perhaps Pauli and Leech will go toe to toe?

I would like to see Tony and Uncle J repair their relationship a bit more before Uncle J dies...

I hope Tony and Carm get back to gether

Meadow gets prego

I would also like to see more of Sal, he is the one character I don't feel I know him as well as I know some of the others..

And speaking of Pauli, what about brinning back that Interior decarator?<img src= ALT=":hat">


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