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Yes I think this is the first Sopranos episode ever without Carmela.
This episode is what I really watch the Sopranos for, the mob parts. This in my opinion is one of the better episodes of the last 3 seasons. Of course, this one does not beat Pine Barrens though.


Re: no melfi and carm

I missed Carm and Melfi, but this episode was still outstanding. The mob stuff was well done and, unlike last week, was properly counterbalanced with a good deal of family drama. All the stuff between Janice, Tony, and Junior was first rate.

I disagree with the poster above that denigrated Janice's smarts and cunning. She has as much of both as any character on the show, and that's been evidenced repeatedly in myriad ways. And I might add that she has as much guts as anyone. Not many men, let alone women, would slap the crap out of Tony and still be swinging her fists (and connecting) while he's trying to strangle her. She doesn't back down from him, which is one of the reason their scenes can always instantly devolve into all kinds of ugliness.

That said, Tony almost broke my heart tonight. He continues to show that he is the only one in his mob circles with a soul and a spark of decency, which is what makes it possible for this show to appeal to such a diverse audience and for that audience to really care what happens to him.

His move to reconcile with Artie, while not a textbook display of humility and contrition, was still a big step for a guy with Tony's reputation and tough-guy image concerns. He was even bigger-hearted with Baccala, first making it clear that he wanted Bobby to watch after his uncle because he wanted to ensure that Junior was well cared-for, this the same uncle that tried to have him killed 4 years ago. Then Tony offers a little pep talk about Bobby's marriage and makes the very generous statement that Janice is a "good kid", even if he couldn't maintain eye contact when he said it, LMAO. Realizing that Bobby is also his brother in law, though, and that his sister's financial welfare and the tranquility of her home life was tied up with how much Bobby earns, he rethinks his initial position and indicates he'll find some way for Bobby to earn extra money.

Of course he didn't reap much for his efforts at generosity, especially from Junior. The last scene on the couch was brilliantly poignant, with Tony once again the emotionally starved son looking for some crumb of genuine parental affection. Next to what Livia offered, I guess he should consider Junior's silent tears a banquet.


A Perfect Post For A Perfect Episode FOMW

I agree. I love Janice, and I thought some of her best moments were offered this evening. Everybody on this show is doing so bad. It really is a shipwreck. I thought the best part of "Where's Johnny" was the scene between Tony and Janice. That had been building since Season One, and was a very big payoff in my opinion, That's the kinda stuff I love on this show, and that was a perfect moment. I thought that the scene with Junior and Tony was also the best, and shows how far there relationship has matured. Tony offering Artie a chance to move into his bachelor pad was also good. I loved seeing Artie coming in, with Tony on the couch with the six pack. I hope that this angle continues, and I look forward to seeing the hi-jinx of Artie and tony rooming together. Originally I posted that I didn't want Tony and Artie living together because they would sit around, get drunk, and bitch about there ex's. But I think it might be a lot better, and more than that, especialyl with this show. Paulie and Feech, two old dogs fighting over a bone. Still, Paulie and his Chainsaw Massacre line was some of the best humor this show has provided yet. It might just be my faviorite one liner of the show. I may be wrong, but wasn't tonight's offering from a new writer? Last week I cringed a little when I didn't notice the name, though I saw him as a Consultant in the opening Credits this evening:Matthew Weiner. Now, like the Artie and Tony Room situation, I must say I think it's great that Chase, Green, Winter, and Burgess, aiern't having to do the whole thing. it's great that the structure of the show seems to be more similar to the days of Season One and Two. I thought this season would just be Three with more layers, and more Four added in, but it feels unlike any season in almost every regard except for the ones listed above. Anyways, great episode, Bring on "All Happy Families"! And once again, A great post FlyOnMelfisWall. I remember we both agreed on how great the first episode was, and I did like the second, but I LOVED THIS ONE. This and the first are all the reasons that we may be right, and this might just be the BEST Season yet!!!!!


And Don't Forget Lady D' Abrivangale!

I loved her tonight as well. If that was the challenging scene, she handled it perfectly. Back to The Janice and Tony bit, Downneck started the stones for that one, but to actually allow the character of Janice to mature enough on the show, to now just show her scheming, was a long deserved payoff. Aida Tutorro(misspelling) is one of the finest actresses on the show. It was great to see her get to dig into something new. This was the best maerial she has gotten since Season Two and her arrival, and Season Three, and her feud with Svetna. The only problems I had with this episode was what you mentioned FOMW, no Melfi, No carm, and No Meadow. I guess we need a little more time till we can bring Melfi bck into the fold, but I expect this to be the only Carmella-less episode this season. There was also no Silvio, but I read his role was reduced due to touring with The E-Street Band.


Re: A Perfect Post For A Perfect Episode FOMW

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I think it's great that Chase, Green, Winter, and Burgess, aiern't having to do the whole thing<hr></blockquote>

I agree. They always have freelance writers, of course. I even read that a certain percentage of episodes are REQUIRED to be written by freelancers by rules pertaining to the writers guild, or some such union. But it's nice to see one written this well by an "outsider", which makes me think the ones coming up later by the main 4 will be REALLY terrific. These first 3 eps all feel more like setup episodes than anything else. So the new writers are doing a lot of the "dirty" work while the old pros are saving the cream for themselves. And I wouldn't have it any other way.:-)


I agree

Last seasons first few episodes, weren't reallt too much for setup. Come to think of it, neither were Season Threes, while One and Two's first few episodes were all about set up for the season. The way they are setting up this season, it really seems like they are getting us ready for the final rounds. When Chase and Co, do jump "ship" later it should be very interesting to see what happens. I noticed that in the preview for next weeks, "All Hapy Families", it's time for the executive game. I guess this is the one Peter Bogdanovich directs, plus we got Frankie Valli in one of the previews. Can't wait.


Just watched it.

This was definitely a classic episode. They kept gangster- and family-plotlines in perfect balance. If this season is about Tony as the head of the families, this episode served that purpose well. The stuff between him, Janice and Junior was great. Sometimes it seems like Tony is just a little boy. The way he was hurt by Junior's remarks and how he reconciled with Artie showed his human side. I can't remember the last time he was portrayed so vulnerable.

The Feech/Paulie beef was similar to the waiter-killing. These guys are all loose cannons and Tony will have a hard time keeping everybody happy. Not to mention keeping everyone in line.

I can see Chris getting pissed off in the future episodes. Tony hasn't given him any credit after rehab. Instead Tony reminds him of his position and acts like Chris is some kind of an idiot.

Vince Curatola and Frank Vincent were great. Phil Leotardo was one mean bastard and had his share of the great one-liners. ("Is she any good? What am I asking you for, you probably showed her how.")


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