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<img src= ALT=":hat"> Yo wut up people..I started watching the Sopranos in early December , started with Episode One Season One...and i watched every Episode there is, now i am caught up with everyone and this show is crazy....This is da Best Episode this Season...Feech is a man not to be F'd with...Paulie might end up like the lawnmower guy and Johnny Sack is a cold man...Chris looked like such a chump...The next episode is gonna be crazy...what does everyone think about Feech's chances, another Richie Aprille?


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I thought this episode was fantastic. Feech definetly is old school, where he takes what he wants. I don't know if he will be another Richie, or Ralphie for that matter. I think that he will be a true test for Tony's management skills in trying to manage the old school and the new school. I also see the rebirth of Livia through Janice, but atleast Tony will be able to stand up to Janice. Very powerful at the end with Junior nearly coming to tears, as if he cannot believe that he is now a withering old man.



AWESOME episode. Best one yet of the season.

Feech's character is a little typical of a Sopranos antagonist, and you can almost take it to the bank that he'll be another Richie as the season shapes up. Of course, that makes it no less enjoyable. He's a great character. I enjoyed his brief scene with Blundetto, and it gave you some insight into Tony B's psyche. No matter what he might say, he's not totally convinced that he wants out yet.

As for the Janice, I thought Tony ripped into her good. He got right to the heart of her dimensia in 5 seconds flat. Him grabbing her by the throat was excellent, and Baccala's reaction - or lack thereof - was very telling. While the Janice/Livia link is an obvious one, Janice is neither smart or cunning enough to have as much pull. I wouldn't be totally shocked to see her bolt out of town before too long. I think everyone is seeing through her now.

The Tony/Junior stuff was classic. Brilliant. While I do miss the old wise-ass Uncle Jun, his character is really shaping up nicely. What I liked especially was how Tony was able to see parrallels between Uncle Junior and his mother. I know that he's starting to wonder how much of his mother's malice (later on in life) was due to her own being, and how much was due to some sort of medical condition. The fact that the doctor who cared for Livia is now caring for Jun had to play in his head.

I also loved the scene with that new girl. "I'll suck your c---. All of you guys!" Classic.

Chrissy seems to be in way over his head, and it seems like only Tony thinks he has any chance at all of moving up in the family. Everybody else looks at him like a lackey and a junkie.

All in all, this was a brilliant episode. It was a set-up while still being action packed enough to carry it's own weight.

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