Being Legit is Poorly Viewed

So Tony B says that he wants to be a full-fledged massage therapist and not resort back to a life of crime. Assuming we take him at his word (which is a big assumption, by the way), his friends (i.e., Tony and Feech, for example) are disappointed.

It's sort of like any other family business, when a family member decides not to go into it, to the disappointment of that person's family.

Then again, certain people are singled out as being sheltered from the life of organized crime (such as Jackie Jr., and from the Godfather, Michael Corleone by his father "I never wanted this for you").

But for the Christophers, Tony B's, and Little Carmines of the world, a career in the mob seems not only destined, but strongly encouraged.


Re: Being Legit is Poorly Viewed

Very interesting topic Veusvio. I guess in the eyes of the Tony Sopranos of this world, certain people are destined for the life and certain people arent. What Tony said about Jackie Jr is true though, "he's not suited to it, he's not like us, kids today, theyre bored, theyre spoiled".


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I personally find it hard to believe that David Chase could bring Steve Buscemi of Reservoir Dogs fame into the Soprano crime family without him eventually taking the mantle of the made man back up again. Tony Blundetto has so far had relatively little impact on the family business in any respect, since coming out of the can, but obviously that has to change. My guess would be that something drastic will happen, probably towards the end of this season, that will prompt Tony Soprano to reach out to his cousin for help--and the cousin who was like a brother to him won't let him down.

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