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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>HE's the type of guy that does whatever you tell him to without any questions or hesitations.<hr></blockquote>

What has yet to be mentioned is that on the HBO website Phil Leotardo's bio says that he is believed to have twenty-seven hits to his credit. How many more hits will he add to his total before the season is over. If thats any indication of things to come then its going to be a season littered with bodies.<img src= ALT=":evil">

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Phil Leotardo

Phil Leotardo is gonna be a great charcther amongst the Ny battle and hes going to be a paulie walnuts like charachter with his comic relief and his extreme tough guy down to business attitude maybe this guy is even tougher then paulie!


Re: Phil Leotardo

I think a large part of Frank Vincent's gangster aura comes from his looks. With that sharp, hooked beak of a nose, the stark white hair, the sharp, dark eyebrows and the burning black eyes, the guy just LOOKS friggin' scary. Add to that his guttural voice and the aura of steely menace he projects, and you've got a classic gangster-movie character.

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