Chris & Feech????? (Ep. 4 prev.)

what was up w/ the end of the preview for n. week's episode where Chris and Feech are shaking hands as if they had somehow agreed on something???

w/ Feech's feelings about Tony being the boss, ("How is the Boy King?" to Tony B.) and how Chris really F'ed up at the sitdown w/ Johnny Sac...

is Feech beginning to get his ducks in a row for a run at Tony... especially w/ all the apprarent distractions comming from NY- Johnny Sac/Lil Carmine???

BTW - Eventhough Junior had lost it a little bit...he still had the stones to tell the cops to go s--t in their hat!!!!
Uncle Jun's still as tough as they come....old school baby

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I think Feech is playing out to be a Richie clone.

Both get out of prison and immediately start trouble. Richie bludgeons Beansie, and Feech breaks the Lawn guy's arm. Richie uses Janice and Junior to mount a revolt, and Feech is starting to play up to Tony B.

Both are old school, in your face types, and both have too much pride to let a contemporary boss them around.

Feech is a bit over the top, but with the rest of the show (thankfully) taking a more emotional/dramatic turn, it's nice to have some unadulterated action.


Feech is different from Richie or Ralph

I don't think Feech will shape up to be a clone of Richie or Ralph. The difference is, Feech is a real oldtimer who presumably had been a capo on his way up when he went away. He was in a position of authority when Tony, Jackie and Silvio knocked over his game. He has infinitely more respect and esteem both for his age, former rank and time spent in jail than either Ralphie or Richie ever did. No one seemed to mind if either of those guys disappeared, hell, most people were supportive of it. But taking out Feech would be a lot more difficult.



You really think so? Paulie wouldn't mind him dead. Junior is losing his wits, and might not notice anyway. I don't think the other guys are as tied to Feech as you might think, and if he goes the way of Richie, they'll all hate him before too long, anyway.


Feech's pull

Feech has alot of pull meaning i think alot of guys such as Blundetto, junior, maybe chrissy may all pull for feech which could put tony s in a bind and another thing is what if feech got his own lil thing goin and sided with johnny sack to help them that may align johnny sack against Tony! I KNOW PAULIE WOULD ALIGN WITH TONY! and thats important because alot of ppl were questioning his loyalty to Ton and we see now hes still true!<img src= ALT=":rolleyes">


Re: Paulie's loyalty

I thought that it was Tony who sent Sal Vitro do do Johnny Sack's lawn. When they were leaving the sitdown and he was yelling at Chris he said he had to figure out something nice to do for Johnny Sack. I thought his grass cut was it.

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