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Now what the hell do people have against Meadow? Not only is she fine, but with her obvious intelligence (she goes to an Ivy League school, for Christ's sake), she's a useful and much-needed counterweight to her idiotic and obnoxious younger brother. Now THERE'S a character the show could do with a lot less of. He's the one character on the show with absolutely NO redeeming qualities. Not only is he stupid, ignorant and obnoxious, but he's also disrespectful to his elders, and particularly his mother, especially since the divorce.

And what's this about you folks don't want Meadow to be an integral character on the show? What sense could that possibly make? She's Tony Soprano's daughter, and the only one of his two kids who has shown much potential to do great things in life (although Season 3, admittedly, did suggest that AJ might have some considerable football potential). And why is everyone so leery of the show covering Tony's personal life? From the very beginning, that's been meant to be fully half of the show's plot; the main theme of the series has always been Tony Soprano and how he deals with the stresses of managing two families. TWO families, ladies and gentlemen, NOT ONE. NOT just the mob family. While even I must admit to a certain slight preference for the mob family coverage over his personal family life, I think it ridiculous to want to cut the latter out of it entirely.

Besides--even if you did want to cut out one character from the coverage of Tony's family life, why Meadow? Why not AJ? The kid's got the brains of a chimpanzee!

(PS: No offense to any chimpanzees who may be listening . . . <img src= ALT=";)">


Re: No Meadow!

It seems that every time a female character on the Sopranos is seen as less than desirable in terms of character development and storyline the first defense is always to resort to the physical appeal the actress may possess to the viewer. It has been argued that Meadow is smart and is a counterweight to A.J. which is debatable. Meadow for all her intelligence has continued to show that she is incapable of not having Carmela and Tony as a crutch whenever the decisions she makes are of the less intelligent variety.

A.J. is another character who is no longer integral to the show and I think the only family relationships that add to and further the character developments are the relationships which Tony has with Janice, Carmela, and Uncle Junior.
Maybe I'am speaking prematurely after only three episodes of the new season but only time will tell.<img src= ALT=":evil">

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I disagree about AJ

AJ I belive is just an integral part to the show as Meadow. Meadow is that constant reminder to Carmela of what she could of been. AJ is that constant reminder to Tony of who he was and is. If look closely, Tony get most mad at AJ when he does things that Tony did (or in some cases still does). Tony hates himself and what he has become and wants to make sure AJ does not end up the same way. But often Tony can't control it; AJ is who he is and it upsets Tony that he can't stop it. And the comment about AJ being disrespectful to his elders and especially his mom after the divorce.....Honestly that is what almost every teenage boy does in AJ's situation.


Re: I disagree about AJ

HEY! The woman who plays Janice is an awesome actress (not that pretty but who cares), I giver her all the kudos in the world for playing Janice so perfectly.....BUT SHE CAN GET THE HELL OUT OF THE SOPRANOS FOR ALL I CARE! LOL. Thats how much I hate her character.

Dido for Meadow (and she's BEAUTIFUL!!!) Point is, I dont think anyone REALLY cares how these women look - if there character is of extreme annoyance to them - we don;t care for them.

I personally find Meadow and Janice to annoying most of the time for me to care for them...<img src= ALT=":evil">

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