Dr Melfi's Alcoholic Issues?

This part of her character really bugged me, was she meant to be characterized as an alcoholic the whole time or just because of Tony? Also in a few eps even in the blue comet you see her drinking socially wouldn't a true alcoholic not need to do this? I do remember in an episode she mentions Ill go to a meeting and Kupferberg mentioned a 12 Step program. Also she did take Ativan I think she said quite a bit so she was a pill popper too?
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Re: Dr Melfi's Alcoholic Issues?

I always interpreted that her problematic drinking phase was a specific and acute response to the issues and pressures she felt as the result of having Tony as a patient. Before and after that period, she seemed to me a social drinker, liked to have wine with friends, etc., but not an alcoholic or addict of any kind.
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