Re: Favorite Quotes from 'House Arrest'

"Manson lamps" (I took at as a private joke, it's not only Tony saying it to Richie, it's Gandolfini saying it to Proval, giving a nod to his ability to look scary as fvck).

Other favorite from this episode: [and this one is full of them]

"2 years ago, I thought Rico was a relative of his!" [Melfi]

"You got enough in your plate, just picking up garbage" LOL

"It's a little coke, what is The Big Deal!?" LOL

"I hate the way you make me fucking ride you!"

"You know, losing some weight wouldn't hurt" [doctor to Tony] LOL

"I'm a Nazi, Nazi! (...) Vee 'ave meide a dvealing viz Iu, Misterr Soprrano" [Vincent Pastore at his funniest]

"You're flexing!!"

"You know how it is, they're bureaucrats... 'they nip, they pick'... it's passive-aggressive, pure and simple! - they hate their lives... themselves. I know, I know! - they're not out in the field. What can I do? - It's mandatory!"

"When are you gonna get that through that bald Dome of yours?"

"Why don't you just sit in that nice pile of cash you got?"

"Oh yeah, I remember that picture of Albert Anastasia lying in there all amicable in the barber shop floor!"

"You should be happy at least, the stent was a complete success - let's not tempt faith by taxing the heart!" [the doctor replies to Junior after he inquires about the young assistant]

"How many MIGS you shoot down last week?" LMAO

"Cocksucker Belleville!!!"

"I suggest you talk about stress management with him!" [cut to doggie style with the admin girl while the phone rings and the dog barks] :D

"All leading to the cemetery!" (Junior talking pathways in life and the recurrent cynic perspective the show has about this subject)

"I don't know if your parole job at the fish market is gonna cover it"

"Dick, I'm trying to work in this Office." LMAO

"I am the only person in this family who doesn't curse" [Livia]

"If she fell into a sewer she'd come up holding a gold watch in each hand" (a metaphor for a gangster lifestyle?)

"Always a fuckin' loophole, right?"

[in an episode about boredom]
Tony: "So what else is going on?"
Pussy: "Nothing!"

"It's that dipshit Carmine. Sil, go tell him 'Do not speed in this neighborhood'!"

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'House Arrest'

Junior: "I'm not a cat. I don't shit in a box"

Junior: "They give you the important jobs, huh?"

Tony: "Don't give me them fuckin Manson lamps"

Junior: "Bunion? You know how I feel about feet"

Catherine Romano: "Does it hurt?"
Junior: "It beeps"

Tony: (About Junior's breathing apparatus) "How many MiGs you shoot down last week?"

Junior: "Half a fucking tray in there!"

Richie: "You're flexing!"

Pussy: (in a German accent) "I know nothing, nothing!"
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