Symbolism in "D-Girl" S02E07

I caught 'D-Girl' during the week. In the scene where Christopher enters Amy's hotel room the shot lingers on her purple satin knickers (panties) for a long time, following her knocking them off and picking them up. Cut to her sitting on the bed and we see the matching bra that the shot stays on for quite some time before she moves it. It is clear she is not wearing underwear/is in a dressing gown, either just relaxing or has had a shower. Is there any insight into this scene with the specific placement and moving of her underwear? Any suggestions?

Similarly, later in the scene when they start to have sex, you can clearly see her wearing knickers under her dressing gown. They are skin coloured so is this just a continuity/wardrobe error?
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Re: Symbolism in "D-Girl" S02E07

You are talking about what I consider the absolute worst episode of the entire series. That said, I myself have noticed it and I have always taken this as an attempt to show nudity/sex without the actress being completely nude. Nothing more. I doubt seriously there is much more symbolism to be caught from the scene other than Chris wanting to have sex with her. His attempt to step up the rung of Hollywood which was his rather ill considered dream. It unfortunately continues to tempt him which eventually leads to his death.
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Re: Symbolism in "D-Girl" S02E07

I'm convinced there is something deeper, OR it is just a really bad shot? Throughout The Sopranos entire run there are times when a sense of sexual desire, sexuality and sexual perversion is shown implicitly through using underwear and lingerie, for example when Paulie smells Adriana's knickers, when the FBI are watching Carmela and Adriana play tennis and she bends over etc. It is from a male perspective. (Excuse my memory loss on Episode titles)

In the example portrayed in D-Girl, it is filmed from a voyeur POV, us, the viewer, so I have to believe there is something deeper. The choice of colour is unusual - Throughout we usually see white and black on most of the gumares and Carmela has been seeing bronze/beige lingerie. Again, Adriana displays different colours as does Amy in this episode.

I just find it strange she would hide her knickers immediately, but not her bra. It seems suggestive. I had a theory that maybe she had possibly had sex with Jon Favreau? Very lose and nothing else in the episode to suggest that.

I can't help but feel it is suggesting something else, it's almost like she is embarrassed when she picks them up, as if she does not want Christopher to see, before then having sex with him anyway, and during the sex scene we do see her breasts, albeit it in a more tasteful way and quite a timid sex scene compared to some of the sexual debauchery across the entire six season run.

The episode in general is not outstanding or ground breaking, it kind of plays out like a bottle neck episode, nothing challenging in the episode. Maybe I've come to this conclusion because it's the rare occasion I have watched only one episode and not binged watched, as it was on television in syndication. However, there are some great scenes with Christopher and some great dialogue that opens up his character and portrays him as slightly vulnerable I feel.
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