Re: Favorite Quotes from 'D-Girl'

Livia: Who said everything has to have a purpose? The world's a jungle! And if you want my advice Anthony, don't expect happiness. You won't get it. People let you down. And I'm not naming any names...but in the end, you die in your own arms.

AJ: You mean alone?

Livia: It's all a big nothing. What makes you so special?
What violin?!

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'D-Girl'

Chris: "Enough! I'm so sick and tired o' hearin' you people talk about food, food, food! That's all anybody ever talks about is proscuitto, cheese, and fuckin' fava beans. I'm, I'm drownin' here!"

Chris: "Swingers? He can suck my dick, that swings too"

Jon Favreau: "Sorry a guy Chris was coming down from Los Angeles to find out what I like to eat for breakfast"

A.J: "Algebra? That's the most boring!"
Tony: "Well the other choice is sufferin', you want to start now?"
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