Jimmy the Elvis Impersonator

This character always struck me as out of place. I have since read that James Gandolfini's first professional role was as an Elvis impersonator in a play called Big El's Best Friend.

Jimmy sees Pussy talking to his FBI handler in a party store. Later in the episode Tony Soprano is sleeping in his bed. There is a cut to Pussy sleeping on the couch and having a nightmare saying "You better forget what you saw Jimmy!" The next cut is to an exterior scene shot in Italy, with baskets of (dead) fish in the foreground.

Jimmy then a reference to James Gandolfini (Tony), and him discovering Pussy is talking to the FBI, and the fish presumably representing Pussy will sleep wish the fishes.

(Note: another reference to real life sees David Chase sitting at a table with three men at a cafe in Italy, and Paulie shouts "Commendatori" to them - Chase looks at him then away. The word translates as "Commanders" in English.)

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