At the dinner table in italy...

When Tony is talking business at the dinner table he says the price range of the cars and then he says "Manufactured in America." one of the Italian men says something in Italian to which Tony replies, "What'd he fuckin' say?"

Seriously though... what did he say? I'm sure it was only a little quip but I just gotta know!! :icon_mrgreen: :confused:

Re: At the dinner table in italy...

I've tried to decipher that comment for years. Fact is, i can't clearly hear what the old guy is saying. No closed caption included on the disc (majority of italian is included). The combination of that and after multiple listening and not even coming close to understanding one word, I may be convinced that it's intentional.
With my understanding of italian being somewhat at the same level of what Tony's seems to be, I really think he's asking the question because the comment is unintelligible, not because he didn't understand it. I could be wrong of course. My last hope was my 12 year old. He's taking Italian and I was thinking of letting him take the disc in to his teacher for translation. My wife squashed that idea though. She's probably right.
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