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Don Antonio wrote:Theres another reason why the woman boss is allowed in Italy and that is because in Naples they are not the Mafia or La Cosa nostra thats Sicily, in Naples its Gomorrah or Camorra which as i understand have clans, families, that are all strictly related by blood no outsiders at all. Strange this never came up in the episode as its quite an important point.
I know that there is a film out called "Gomorra" that has received rave reviews. I'll be checking it out when it's available on DVD here in the states. ... 09DECF0F65

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This episode one must be in the right frame of mind to watch it, so it can be either a 4, or a 9.

From the surface, all it drives the plot forward is for us to know where Furio comes from. Also provides some perspective, for later on understanding how Tony can always call "cousins" from the old country to solve problems.

Like another user previously said, it also shows how criminal operations in the black market come full circle, in a global scale.

I think Chase's objective, was to juxtapose what's going on in America - Carmela dealing with a friends divorce, Janice's 'Hippy' views on traditionalism - with Tony in Italy, actually in contact with the culture their whole american sub-community is supposedly based on. This episode is the one which most clearly paints this 'monographic' picture of patriarchy in the Italo-American cultural background - and its innerworkings, like the passive-aggressive mothers (matriarchy) puppeterring from the background. i.e. the dichotomy between these big macho 'Heads of Family', who in their adulthood still need their every basic need cared for (the food, the cloths washed, etc).

As far as I can see, Chase isn't being ironic in this aspect... and certainly there are pervading aspects of societal & cultural background that sip through to the individual. But for anyone with any notion at all about different cultures, this rigid portray can't be seen as anything other than anecdotal & cartoonish - (as much as I sympathize for Chase not having had the most ideal parenting in his youth I must say that) in any country you'll find all types of people: extroverts, needy, introverts, depressive, highly successful, highly independant, suicidal, etc

On the one hand, I actually like the way he tried to juxtapose these two realities (America & Italy) to convey his point. On the other hand, I found it way too stereotypical, almost lacking real insight.
AJColossal wrote:But Falco is tremendous as always. The scene where she tells Angie that she'll never leave Pussy (but is really trying to convince herself about Tony) is tremendous and really where I knew she was every bit as equal to Gandlofini in her role on the show.
I actually saw that scene as the boss' wife being also the boss of the wives, and keeping them in line. Maybe it warrants another check to investigate what's going on, on the character's inside.
badabellisima wrote:Is there really any true in-the-open female bosses out there? i never hear about them in the FBI stories, etc.
This is absolutely true. I am very curious to mafia stories, whenever I find them in newspapers or magazines, and this portray "Our man kill each other" is very much true, in the last 7/8 years I have read several real life reports on women talking the helm of criminal organizations in Italy, as their husbands are in prison or ill, or dead.

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I like Commendatori. It is, in many ways, kind of "standard tv", as a standalone fish out of water episode. and it kind of contributes to the limbo in the beginning of Season 2 - an episode about black construction workers protesting, then an episode about a new antagonist being introduced, then an episode where they go to Italy - but as a standalone episode i would say it works. the best part of this episode, imo, is the atmosphere they build in Italy. Tony exploring the mansion while hip hop music plays, Tony and Annalisa in the ruins, brief, surreal little interludes where we see Chris in his heroin bender. then you have the storyline with Pussy, which will be addressed again much more effectively in "D Girl". however, the way his conflicts with Angie tie back into the central plotline with Carmela is great storytelling.
Taps, lights out, 2200 hours. What's missing? Give up? Television.

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Of the few summaries I was able to complete on my #86-#1, I did write one for this. Here's what I wrote...

(#81) Commendatori - Season 2, Episode 4
Written by David Chase
Directed by Tim Van Patten

Ouch! Really, really hate to do this! Of course you had to have at least one episode where the crew visits the ‘Old Country’ and am thankful to David for providing us that. That and the obvious scenery at hand is certainly a highlight with that very ‘scenery‘, especially, including the very eye-candy that is… …Annalisa, portrayed by Sofia Milos. At the risk of sounding less-mature, this female Boss, to me, is the co-hottest-woman-ever-on-a-Sopranos-episode (’Isabella’ being the other, of course)! This particular debate (and a similar countdown) however, can be reserved for a different thread altogether and maybe better suited for a forum at AskMen. The whole them-going-to-Italy and all the scenery just already mentioned isn’t enough to move this episode any further up the list. I would really like to but I simply can’t and this despite other plotlines (back at home in North Jersey) going on that I actually like better. You got Pussy spotted with Agent Skip at a gift shop by a Family acquaintance who’s an Elvis-impersonator and who ‘never heard of a made man from Dover, Delaware before’. Despite Skip trying to ease Pussy of any paranoia of being found-out, Pussy goes to ‘Elvis’s house and murders him anyway. Also, he and Angie are having marital issue with Angie revealing to Carm and friends that she wants a divorce. Thinking more of herself and her own marriage to Tony, Carm tries talking her out of it. A good scene is the conversation Carm, alone in her kitchen with Janice, has on the subject with her, and on marriage in-general. Being that Silvio didn’t go along, what may have made this episode possibly better is to include a plotline involving he being the acting-boss in T’s absence - using his puffer, Gab giving him encouragement, etc - instead of us having to wait 4 seasons later (‘Join the Club’/‘Mayham’) to see Sil out of this very ’number 2’-element. Just a Monday Morning QB suggestion. This is the episode we first meet Furio who ends up being dealt to the crew and brought back to Jersey with them. The closing scene with Tony entering the front door armed with gifts announcing that he’s home and Carm’s reaction upstairs in her room is Classic stuff! Still, #81’s as high as I can go. Sorry. Very sorry!
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