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There is no doubt that my favorite...OK, one of my favorite scenes in the entire series is when Richie comes back to see Beansie..."Veal Parmigiana (with the "A" at the end emphasized) Sandwich? FU!" ***SMASH***

It set the tone for character. It was also, hands down, the most brilliant job of putting a character in costume....all clothes from the early 80's, all a bit too

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'Tell me again how you won't lie down'

It was a good scene. I thought Richie was brought in really well, and really highlighted how times had changed.

The scene that most emphasised that for me was the one just after he told Chrissy to give Adrianna his last name if he wanted to put his hands on here, and then tried to talk to Tony.

The way Sil just stepped in with 'you can talk to him, but not now, and never here' really showed how much times had changed.

I believe Richie likened it to an Audience with the Pope!

I liked Richie as a character, although he was horrible. Regarding his costume, I have to agree, he was perfectly dressed. Every time I see him on screem I feel, and I know this might sound stupid, as though I can smell him. a mixture of old leather and garlic with strong cheap aftershave.

Also worth mentioning the reference to Richie in Soprano Home Movies from 6b, when Janice is talking cryptically to Carmela about him.

I find her use of language to be quite childlike 'I had this boyfriend once' and such like. If you didn't know she was talking about Richie then you would think it was a boyfriend from when she was 17 or something.

On the whole, though, Richie was an excellent character, who met a justifed end.

Perhaps justified for solely empowering the ever annoying Jackie Jr!

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It's a shame Richie wasn't more trustworthy. I've have often mused over how much more comfortable I would have been with Tony's crew going to war with Phil's, if Tony still had Richie, Christopher, Ralphie and Furio in his crew if they had all been trustworthy.

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I fucking hate this guy!!!! But thats why the acting and the show are so perfect. Unlike Tonys' sociopathy where he has slight redeeming qualities, Richie Aprile has none. Threatening to hurt Christopher for hitting a woman only to do it himself is a good example of his scumbagness. I love to hate Richie!
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.

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Richie April is a brilliant character. One of my favorites. I really do love to hate him. If Tony had Richie at the end, there would be no contest between the two families. Excuse my language, but Richie was a fucking sociopathic bastard. Tony Montana eat your heart out. But still a great character.

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I have to agree with most everyone as Richie (David Proval) was an awesome character. He was definitely in my top three favorite characters on the show. He was just so damn old school.
One of my favorite Richie moments is when he meets Junior at the Doctors office I believe it was and tells Junior that he was his and would do whatever he wanted him to do. I literally felt VERY afraid for Tony S. after Richie said that. You could tell Junior prouder than a peacock at that moment too as he loved having the guys respect him more than his nephew.
I'm not sure how true this is but I read that David Proval was originally one of the first actors the Chase and co. looked at for the role of Tony. In hindsight I'm not sure if that would have worked out, but as Richie...the old school, just released from prison, loyal, stuck in the late 70's-early80's, made wiseguy, he was brilliant. I just wish he had of stuck around for another season.

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As entrenched and a student of the Sopranos I am, how I can always stumble upon something for the 1st time. I can see Richie getting out of Ade's car the first time walking towards Beansie's (actully theres a slip up here since the resturant is actually behind him when he's suppose to be looking at it) and he's wearing a Members Only Jacket. Just something i never thought about before. And i belive he wears it several times later. And you have to wonder if Richie's attire and Tony's "jaaaacket" doesn't somehow play into how it all ends.
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