Re: Favorite Quotes from 'Toodle-Fucking-Oo'

I can't remember it exactly but my favourite quote, possibly of the entire 7 seasons, is when Tony and Richie are in the shopping mall and tony says something along the lines of:

'If you want to quote the rules, remember this one, I'm the motherfucking one who calls the fucking shots'

I'll look for an exact quote, but I always liked that scene!

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'Toodle-Fucking-Oo'

Tony confronting Meadow at Livia's house after the party:

Tony: In your grandmother's house.

Meadow: It wasn't my fault!

Tony: If I had a quarter for every time you said that since you learned to talk, I'd have a private jet on twenty-four hour standby.

Very next scene has one of those wonderful sibling moments. Tony and Meadow pull into the driveway with AJ watching at the window:

Carmela: AJ go upstairs.

AJ: But I want to see the fight!

Carmela: Anthony Junior, get your little ass up those stairs NOW!
What violin?!

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'Toodle-Fucking-Oo'

Tony: "I thought I told you to back the fuck off Beansie!"
Richie: "I did, then I put it in drive"

Janice: "That's what all this is about, ego and control" (Janice at her hypocritical best) :icon_wink:

Janice: "it smells of urine, there's vomit all over the hard wood floors
Tony: "Sounds like your apartment in Venice"

Richie: "Vealed parmesan sandwich, fuck you"
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