musty's ex

yeah it is the girl that was musty's ex. afew months ago i saw her on Jimmy K. talk show and she said that she was gonna appear in the new season of the Sopranos. we were puzzled on why she would be asked to be in the new season. but well now we know .


Re: musty's ex

Oh yeah, I remember the actress saying she'd be back but many were baffled as to why. That's odd they would bring back the character. It seems like much of Season 5 so far is pulling everything together from the past four seasons, such as characters (Feech, Tina, Massarone, Curto) and events (mentioning the airline tickets, Bevilaqua, Pussy, Richie Aprile, ect...)

One of the things I love most about the show is the rich history it gives everything. Adds so much dimension.

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