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I rewatched the pertinent parts of those eps, and I agree with you, harmony. It could go either way. She looks like she could be the girl, but there's just not enough to tell for sure. I suppose another option I hadn't thought of before is that the therapy girl was supposed to remind Tony of Kelly -- just look like her -- to sort of set the stage for this guilt that he's apparently repressed for the first four seasons.

I also agree Melfi wouldn't ever give up patient info to Tony. I'm thinking more along the lines (if the girl is Kelly) that Melfi slowly begins to put 2 and 2 together on her own and realizes there is a connection between Tony and Kelly and perhaps invisibly uses what she gains from each of them in sessions with the other.

But I'm probably wasting time giving it this much thought until we actually find out this wasn't a random coincidence. Hurry up "Where's Johnny"!


Can't Wait

FlyOnMelfi'sWall Writes:

But I'm probably wasting time giving it this much thought until we actually find out this wasn't a random coincidence. Hurry up "Where's Johnny"!

I couldn't agree with you more FOMW. For that matter, I can't wait until I own this whole Season on VHS.


Tony B.'s daughter

FlyonMelfi'sWall, good eye. I hadn't considered it but rewatching the Two Tonys bit with the therapy girl it'd make sense to give the character a tiny window as a hint of things to come.

Anyway, I took two screen shots to see if the therapy girl and the photograph of Tony B.'s daughter could be very well the same person:
Is she or isn't she?



Hey, FOMW, I wasn't trying to offend or tell anyone how to watch the show. Wasn't trying to give a pep talk either. Just putting in my two cents on what seemed like a negative streak to the commentary.

As for your points, I agree with a lot of them... individual moments didn't quite work as well as they probably could have. Especially the out-of-the-blue moment from Agent Sanseverino. But I felt like for the sake of the season arc, this writer had quite a lot of expositionary work to do. Hence what seemed like a choppy episode. I think the way things were handled were for the most part effective, not brilliant, but overall solid.

In terms of writing quality, it's not "Employee of the Month" or "Knight in White Satin Armor" or even "Pine Barrens"... but it's not "Christopher" either.

And don't forget, the head writer, the producers, the director, certain people from HBO and of course David Chase still had final say on what was on screen, the way this episode was written and edited... so I don't think all blame should fall on the shoulders of the writer.


Ep 2

Great Lines"

"He invented point shaving."

"You're crowding me."

"Do you let that dry before you put on the second coat?"

"Great. Now I'm upset."


Tony drunk

Tony talking to Tony B. drunk

Tony B massaging Paulie and company.

Scenes with the FBI



When Patsy came in to the bing, he told Tony that a friend of his on the force had ran the plates of a car outside where Tony was meeting "Black" Jack. It came back a No Hit, which means it wasn't registered, and was a governent audio mobile. This sparked Tony's suspricions so he went and met him again. Patting him downb, etc, and Jack was pretty nervous and out of the blue ,"Have you lost some weight".
Tony kinda liked the guy but wasn't sure how to proceed. After a drunken stupor, and he realized he hadn't lost any weight, he took care of it.

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