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It is obvious that the first two episodes were set ups for the rest of the season. The season premire, set up Tony's personal life ~ Carmela and Melfi. The second episode set up his business life, NY Power Struggle and Family Rats...

Next week we should start getting into story lines...


rat pack - review

I agree - definitely was a setup for the season in regards to Tony's business life.
I thought the stuff with Tony's cousin was great. He's a wiseass who is going to be rubbing people (no pun intended) the wrong way. It was priceless seeing Tony's reaction when he walked in on the massage session.
I also thought it was really intriguing how Adriana ratted out the woman who was flirting with Christopher.

Line of the night was by Ro - "Apostle Protection Program"



Another great episode. I loved the entire thing. I thought that a drunken Tony, trying to position the painting was perfect. His late night call to Blundetto was funny, as was Ade's way of handling "the competition". I thought that the scene of Feech handling Blundetto the envelope, with Tony watching from a distance, was perfect. Another A+


I'd give this ep a C.

Nowhere near the top-notch opener. I'm aware, of course, that as an ep geared almost entirely toward new story and new character exposition (and the fed investigation) it was bound to lack depth. But it's almost unheard of for a Sops ep to lack any real humor or other "got you" moment, even amid such ministerial if necessary story chores.

A lot of the dullness could be laid at the feet of the script writer for this ep, since those kinds of sparkling details and textures would ostensibly be provided at the script level rather than the outline level that Chase crafts for the whole season arc. I mean, the film club thing could have been funny. The idea was decent. But the execution was ordinary, if not poor, making it a spectacular failure by this show's standards. This was, IIRC, a new writer, and one (based on this ep) I hope not to hear from again.

I'm reserving judgment on Tony B because it's early and I think he may provide great story potential down the line. I also am trying hard to overcome my objection to the introduction at this late stage of a character who we are to believe is and was very important to Tony -- like a brother to him -- yet someone whose existence was never even casually mentioned until season 5, ep 1. I would have much preferred that Tony B have been brought on as a cousin who Tony knew and befriended as a kid but lost contact with in teen or early adult years for reasons unrelated to prison, because that would make omission of his name onscreen for 4 years much more believable.

All that aside, I was hardly bowled over, either by Buscemi or the character himself. I expected someone a little more cerebral and reflective, in a jaded sort of way, based on Chase's and Buscemi's comments. Again, the failure of any scene to really elicit something memorable and affecting from this character in his first big splash onscreen could substantially be the fault of an inferior script writer for this ep.

On the good side, my favorite scene of the night was the toast Tony S made at Vesuvio, complete with Gandolfini's amusing impersonation of Nancy Marchand as Livia. I also like the factual exposition that Tony B apparently took the rap for something that Tony S could have gone down for, thus TS' emotional reaction to the Band of Brothers documentary. I like the fact that Tony B is trying to go straight and that Tony S is already apparently resentful or jealous of his courage to try it. And I also was very intrigued by the stuff involving Tony B's missing daughter. All those provide ripe soil for future harvests.

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Decent episode. Not earth shattering, but not without a place. It defintely acted as a set-up for future action, that's for sure.

I don't like the introduction of Blundetto myself. I think FoMW is right on with introducing him so late in the game. For 4 years, nobody mentioned his name, and now he's a long-long hero?

The stuff with the Feds was great, though, and it's surely going to get clearer as we go on...


The Writer

As soon as I watched the opening credits I cringed a little when I saw the writers name and realized I had never seen it before. On the other hand, I really enjoyed this episode. It felt fresh to me. Granted, a lot of it was plot development for the rest of the season, but I thought there was a lot of humor to be had.
-Mazaraone and Tony talking about "mothers".
-Blundetto fixing Vito's back, and Tony's expression.
-Interaction between Blundetto and Baccala's son.
-Tony looking in the mirror and realizing he hadn't lost any weight.
-Tony trying to arrange the "Ratpack" painting.
-Ade's decision to get rid of her bride's maid.
I thought that the episode was really good. I liked it just as much as "Two Tonys". It was good to have the Curto angle back in the saddle, to hear more about Zellman (might be a misspeling). To hear that wire tap from "All Debts" was nice.
I thought that Drea De Matteo's acting was the best it has ever been.
And of course, cheap skate Curto was nice.
Did anyone else notice Danielle, with her new hair? I also just caught that line about Ade still lying as far as Paulie being at the crazy horse.

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