The Sopranos Timeline

I think they totally screwed up the timeline with this 'Class of 04' thing. I always figured Season 4 ended in mid 2002, and I doubt this season takes place almost 2 years later. So far the way I always saw it is like this....

Season 1

Early 1999 to Mid 1999

(Indicators:Pretty much only the weather and the fact that Season 2 takes place a year later)

Season 2

Early 2000 to Mid 2000

(Indicators:Meadow's graduation is in June)

Season 3

Mid 2000 to Early 2001

(Indicators:Tony says "3 months ago by you, the rat bastard was the second coming" reffering to Richie... Than theres the overall setting of events such as Christmas and the superbowl which is usually in late January.)

Season 4

Late 2001 to Mid 2002

(Indicators:9/11 seemed to just have taken place, AJ is about to start school, Meadow is still registering for class, Colombus Day is in October, AJ mentions the tree at Rockerfeller center which means its Christmas time in episode 6, than by the time the Season ends its hot and sunny out)

Season 5

According to the news broadcast and the surveilance video of the Crazy Horse, it is March of 2004. I dont really get it. Janice also mentions shes been married for 7 months.

Any thoughts/ideas???


Re: The Sopranos Timeline

I am guessing at least a year has passed in Soprano time between Season 4 and 5.

Janice's wedding for example, at the end of season 4 we see Bobby and Janice kind of friendly together. I think from that point there is still time for them to get closer first, then plan for a wedding, have the wedding and then Janice mentions she has been married for 7 months, so in between Season 5 and 5 at the very least there has to be a one year gap in time.

I guess other then the wedding nothing else interesting happened in that time.... hehe



Johnny Sack already mentioned that it was 'last year' that Tony left him hanging on the Carmine thing. Now that was the end of Season 4, so I have to think that it has been a year or so since Season 4 and 5. Probably plenty of time for Janice and Bobby getting married and to think about it, thank you David Chase for not showing that wedding! And come to think about it, there have been no weddings yet in the Sopranos... only funerals. Ade and Chris don't seem to be getting married at all at this point so I'd guess there will be no weddings ever in the Sopranos. Boo-hoo! Keep them funerals comin!



the series at least to me seem to be consistent with the real
time line between when the last episode ended to the time when the next season begins. So I think it would be appropriate for it to be Mar 04.

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