5th Season In Review (so far)

Hey everyone im back, something happened to my old user name so I needed to re-register. What does everyone think so far? Im enjoying it very much. Im relieved to see that Tony B isnt another 'Ralphie' which alot of people thought he would be; I also like the little background story he has going with his missing daughter and ex wife who wont speak to him and all. Alot of people are also comparing Feech to Richie, which in a way is true, but Feech carries with him the senority, respect, and capabilities (earning wise and more) that Richie didnt have; which can make Feech more of a potential threat to Tony than Richie ever did. One more thing to consider is their past. How do you think Feech feels about having to take orders from some punk, probably about half his age, who made his bones by robbing his cardgame 25 or so years ago?


Re: 5th Season In Review (so far)

So far, episode wise, I thought it was good, not great. The first two episodes were obviously setting up the remainder of the season. Episode 1 set up his personal life(Carmela-Melfi) and Episode 2 set up his business life (NY Crisis, Feech-Tony B.)

Between those two episodes I enjoyed the second one more because that is the part of the show that interests me more. I was extremely glad to see that they expanded on the Ray Curto wearing a wire. I was starting to get worried. I would have liked to have seen a little more about what happened to Massarone, hell I would have even taken a "Frenchmen-Furio" scene. I could live with it though.

I like the Lorraine Calluzzo character. I hope she is around a while. I may want to hear Hesh say something this season.

This season has the potential to be the best, I hope it lives up to it...


Re: 5th Season In Review (so far)

Hi game! I wondered where you've been.

I thought the first ep was absolutely outstanding, best season opener since the pilot. Ep 2 was a bit of a let down because it just seemed to be cramming a lot of plot details into an hour without much of the counterbalancing depth that makes the show great. But there's usually an ep like that every season, and they did cover a lot of ground in terms of the state of the FBI investigation. So even though it's not an ep that I particularly enjoy watching multiple times, it has a lot of important exposition.

I enjoyed learning about Tony B's and Tony S's backstory. The stuff with the missing daughter and Tony B "taking a fall" that Tony S might have taken instead are very intriguing. Look forward to seeing where that's going.

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