tony's whack at the end of season 1 and albert

Tony shot that guy at the end of season 1 and silvio helped Tony make sure he slept with the fishes because he (Chucky Signore..I believe) was the main hitman for Junior's crew. Tony took care of him before he (Chucky) did.

And Albert is Larry Boy Barese's son and is looking for his dad's crew while faces trial like Junior. Albert is the slick lookin guy that always repeats what others have just said..."some people are out there stuffin themselves"


Re: nope

actually, i think they are neither father/son or brother/brother...I think they are cousin's...quote from season 2, episode 25:

"Actually fellas, my cousin Larry wants the Fairfield contract. The hardship of his family and whatnot, while he's in jail awaiting trial." - Albert Barese

"See, this is why we have a fixed bid club." - Tony

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