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i take it to believe that maserone was trying to get tony to let his guard down and get tony to gain a false sense of security in him. how often do guys go up to each other and say hey, you losin weight?, unless they want something.


You Losin' Weight?

IMO both your answers apply to the question. A personal compliment to someone can initially get his/her attention and put the speaker in a positive light, even if it's complete BS. C'mon, who doesn't respond to a little flattery?

Guess this particular ploy didn't work out too well for the late Mr. Massarone.



In the beginning of "Rat Pack" when Tony meets him at the diner, im PRETTY sure he was wearing a tan Museum of Science and Trucking hat which Tony made mention of. "Why dont you take off your hat and stay a while."

The second meeting when Tony is patting him down front and back, when they part ways, Tony taps the beak of the LIGHT BLUE M.O.S.T hat and tells him, "..nothing to lose your hair over." I think the two hats he wore on two seperate occasions are completely out of character and, of course, the "you lost weight" comment and the gift of the painting. THREE things were out of place and you know what they say; three strikes--YOU'RE OUT!



The reason why Tony knew masarone was a rat was because tony wasnt losing weight. Why else would he say it? There was no reason for masarone to say what he said that's why tony knew the guy was a rat. Remember how tony was looking at his gut?



For me, it wasn't just that comment which alerted Tony.

Masserone was uneasy in his meeting with Tony at the diner, and the painting was a bit over the top, in an "I'm your friend, no really I am!" kind of way.

In the second meeting, Masserone was clearly even more nervous. Tony hugs him and I got the impression that they don't normally greet each other in that manner, Masserone is clearly surprised and uncomfortable.

Then we get his 'weight' compliment towards Tony, which was completely out of the blue. And then he starts asking questions, and, understandably Tony says nothing of worth to the listening FBI.

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