Did Carmella Slip Up

Did any of you think it odd that Carm was speaking so freely about getting Tony's money in front of his sister?

I guess Janice is "one of the girls" (mob wives) now, and her fortune is tied somewhat to Bobby (who works for Tony)...but I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. I love her, but it seems like Carm was giving out WAY too much info in front of her.


Janice, Carmela and Tony's Money

Well, maybe not so odd. Even upscale separated wives like Carmela can get frustrated about money, especially when it comes to covering their children's expenses. Face it: not all separated dads are good about paying the bills for their kid's orthodontist, much less providing for a stay-at-home wife's support. She certainly vented indiscreetly to someone who's far from being her best friend and confident.

There could be consequences in store. As the story develops, that conversation could provide some education and motivation for Janice to see how she should handle her brother and her husband when it comes to weaseling big sums of money out of them.

A side note: has anyone else noticed that now that Tony is living in his mother's house, Janice can no longer search the place for Livia's legendary wad? Since the Baccalieris live so close by, it must be awful for the missus to think that a fortune might possibly be within her brother's grasp instead of her own. Can't wait to see if she's ever caught snooping around in Livia's basement sometime.



I find it extremely out of character for Carmela to be discussing obtaining a portion of Tony's money in Janice's presence, considereing Carmela's opinion of Janice throughout the last five seasons. Carmela has always looked at Janice as an opportunist and she will prove this true again when she uses Carmela's admission To her advantage or to Bobby's advantage. we all know that Janicce would not mind if Bobby's stock in the family went up. Either way Carmela's words will come back to haunt her.<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/devil.gif ALT=":evil">


Carmella slip up?

Yes, Sofia...I had the same reaction. Carmela may come to regret these disclosures. I do not think that Janice is motivated to protect her brother, mind you, but to use this information later for her own diabolical and manipulative leverage. We see on promos for Episode 3 Janice implying to tony that she (Janice) has information that would be interesting to him. She reveals this in response to his indignation at her "giving him matrimonial advice." We'll see...


What If It Was Deliberate?

Tony surely knows about New Jersey's "equitable distribution" law so Carmela's only real revelation is that she's seriously thinking of filing. Maybe she's counting on Janice to run to Tony so that he'll realize that if he doesn't want her to go for the jackpot, he'd better loosen up the purse strings.

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