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I was just about to post the same thing, you beat me by seconds...

I just checked the scene again. Notice how they showed stuff that was going on in THREE DIFFERENT rooms. The mail guy was a way to get the camera in each room. There were similar scenes in Magnolia and Boogie Nights. Camera follows some guy in a bar or TV-studio and takes us to different rooms.



I agree with 'mfabiano'. The mail guy was prominently in focus throughout that whole segment.

After he hands over the first letter he then stands in the hallway just outside the door, IMO eavesdropping on the recording of Tony. After Ray finishes telling the Agents exactly what Tony said, he moves on.

The mail guy doesn't stop for very long outside Agent Ciccerone's room, but he would've heard Paulie's name being mentioned along with Ade's club.

The camera is then in the last room and he is in centre-shot as he approaches it. Once again, he stands outside and listens to the conversation between the Agents. At the end he's specifically told to "shut the door."

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which Family?

it depends, he could be an undercover guy who reports to Tony or an undercover guy who reports to Carmine (now Johnny?)

This is a far-flung theory, I know it...but I thought it was weird how the camera followed him. Kinda artsy for Chase. Not a bad thing...just different.

It'd be something for Johnny Sack to have over Tony's head, huh?



whack, sorry...I missed your original post? Observing Ego mentions that these same views were elsewhere.
Think of it not so much as we're running with your ideas, but your ideas were damn good and have us talking!



Silvio said to Tony, "we would have heard about it from our girl". which I guess means they have a girl inside, which is how they find out about the Grand Jury, or something of that sort. Anyone else catch this?



I hope that mail clerk thing is just nothing, a fun thing to talk about on the boards, eruptus! We don't want you to have to do a Kevin-Costner-in-Waterworld-thing.<img src= ALT=":eek"> <img src= ALT=":eek"> <img src= ALT=":D">

My other thought on this, just playing, is that this guy could be someone linked to a group/person we haven't thought of yet....the Russian faction, for one. Feech, for another?
Unlikely, but who the hell knows. How come Feech had that wad of cash anyway at the Bing when he welcomed Tony B?
Even Tony B said he hadn't been on his feet long enough to warrant that money gift.

Or maybe he was just a mail clerk, and they were getting fancy with the cameras.

Here's a fun link that talks about some girl w/ the feds who had the hots for a guy in a crew and leaked him info because of that.

have a good weekend everyone. Talk to you after episode 3


Consolidation of Mail Clerk/Informant Topics

I noticed that in all the scenes where the FBI was listening to undercover tapes/videos or discussing strategies on nailing Tony, there was the same mail clerk or delivery guy entering and leaving the room each time. Could he possibly be a plant that could feed some of this info to Tony?

What if he is a plant for Johnny Sachs and Johnny knows what's going down but doesn't tell Tony?

Could get interesting!


It looked like the guy that took Christophers securities licensing test for him.


I checked that out, that licensing test was in the second season premiere right? His name there was : Ernest Wu, played by Dan Chen. In Rat Pack, his name was : Ken Wu, played by Nick Brosco.


Hey, I think that the mail room guy was the same guy that was sent to kill Ralphie in Florida in S4 E4. And if he works in the FBI now and is listening to Curto talking, he may relay that info to Johnny Sack. The spent alot of effort focusing the camera on the mail guy and everywhere he went.


I noticed that too. The camera was studying the mail room guy just when Ray mentioned Ralph's name, possibly making the connection between him and Ralph ine elevator.


well bein asian i can tell the diff btwn these pplz hehe

and yeah i remember the guy in the lift was called steven sable...something like that...not something wu

and also this guy he dont look like him to me, this one seems fatter etc...but i guess the connection is there where johnny sack uses the asian dudes to get his jobs done just to arouse less suspicion?


The guy in the lift in miami was not Ken Wu, it was some other guy.

But I think Ken Wu and Ernest Wu are ment to be the same guy, kinda weird they're played by differenct actors.


Yeah, the guys have different names, they are played by different actors, the other is some broker the other is a N.Y. Federal Agent. I'm sure that they are meant to be the same person...


There is such a thing as over analyzing... The way I see it the mail clerk is just that, a mail clerk...

Look back at the scene, the three rats (Massarone, Curto, and Adriana) are all working for the FBI, this needed to be shown to the audience. They had two options:
1) Have all three be talked about in one room by the same FBI agents. (somewhat boring and could be confusing in differentiating between the three)
2)Have different FBI agents playing the wire taps/ surveillance video they have from/on the three of them in different rooms. (more interesting and differentiates between the three rats)

So if you pick number two (as they did) you can just show three different rooms in sequential order (as they did)...

But who is to say that the rooms are all in the same building, for all we know they could have been hundreds of miles apart. So what is the best way to convey to the audience that it is the same building? They have to be connected some how. Could they have had Agent Harris walk into each room? Sure but it would have lost the feeling of spontaneity. So they have a connecting factor between each of the rooms, something that people would recognize room to room, but doesn't overshadow the scene itself.

So in comes the mail clerk, he is in the three different scenes, for a second dropping off mail and then he is gone to the next room. It give the feeling that the scenes are happening simultaneously, and that they are in the same building.

Do you know how hard it is to get in the FBI, they do background checks on your background checks. There is no way the mafia could just one day stick an informant in. As Silvio, Paulie and many other guys have said since Season 1, "It's the FBI, they can't be bought like local cops/they keep everything tight." If you ever crossed paths with the Mafia, they would know, much less be hired to do a hit for the under-boss of a NY crime family.

Let assume for a minute he was who some think he is, he would have had to be relatively new to the FBI, seeing how he was hired to kill Ralphie in season 4. Why the hell would they let him, walk in and out of rooms playing vital information that they are using to build a RICO trail.

If it was who everyone thinks it is why the hell is Curto still alive, or Adriana for that matter, the mail clerk has knowledge that they are rats, why wouldn't he tell Tony.

And the number one reason why it doesn't make any sense... Why when Tony, Silvio, and Chris were talking about Massarone possibly being flipped, were they talking about "their girl down at the grand jury", why didn't they say "their guy down at the FBI"?

Then there is the notion that he is working for Johnny Sack. Let's say he was and Johnny knows about Massarone, Adriana and Curto. He would tell Tony because he has as much to loose with the Esplanade - Massarone - Zelman connection... Even with Curto, Raymond has had many dinners with Sack. Johhny would gain nothing by letting them continue to be rats and risk the FBI gaining something on him...

I'll tell you why, it was a filming technique. Is it possible that they guy works for the Mafia, sure. It is also possible that a third arm grows out of my a-- tomorrow. It's possible but it sure as hell is not probable.

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