Mail Clerk/Informant in FBI Office? (Consolidated Topics)

Did anyone else notice that the entire scene in the FBI headquarters, showing 3 different sets of agents listening/watching/discussing informant info, that there was one clerk that came in and out of each room with deliveries. Is this possibly an informant for the Family working in the FBI offices?

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delivery guy...

Yes, I did notice the same delivery guy delivering mail three times. It has been suggested (on another forum, I think) that this was the same stand-in for Christopher when he (CM) sat for his licensure exam. It was hypothesized that he does, in fact, work for the "family."


re: delivery guy

It definitely wasn't the same guy who did Chris' exam. Besides, that guy probably was some broker, not some double agent who plays whatever role the family asks.

If Tony had someone inside FBI, he would know everything about Ade, Curto and would've known about Massarone. Tony might have some local cops on his payroll, but he's not powerful enough to have some feds working for him.

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Mail Guy

I beleive (as I wrote in another post) that the guy could possibly be the same guy that was sent to kill Ralphie in S4 E4 . Someone should check the credits for his name, (my seasons are on loan) It is not that far fetched for Tony to have some guy, down the line working for the feds. They paid particular attention to the mail guy and has to be related to a story somehow.


re: Mail Guy

If the mailguy works for Tony, why didn't Tony even mention that in last episode? Why doesn't he know about Ade or Curto? Why would Johnny hire some fed from New York to kill Ralphie in Florida? I really hate to piss on these theories, but they just don't sound plausible to me.



Well, whatever it is, that mail guy has something to do with someone. The time spent following him through the hallways was noticable. Somehow I beleive he will come into play in some form.

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