chrissie and adriana

Talk about codependency...between a couple of characters, huh?

I wouldn't characterize Adriana as a worthless piece of a**, even now that the Feds have got her...I'd say Gloria, Valentina, and other T.S. comari would fall more into that category.

To me, Adriana is a type of younger Carmela, who actually puts up with more than Carm does for the occasional kind remark, vague promise about future happiness, or pair of Manolo's. Let's see: Chrissie takes money from her purse with or without permission; sets her up in a business (club), but all his cohorts drink for free at it; C kills her dog; C feels up her (at the time) best friend and then denies it after Adriana stood by him when he lost his spleen; C flirts with her M.O.H....nah, the worthless (and rather dense) piece of a** is Chrissie, but he's a soldier who's somewhat related to Tony, and therefore less disposable in this world than Adriana.

What was her prime motivation in beginning with the Feds? She thought she wouldn't have to testify in court against her future husband. All to protect Chrissie, that two timing junkie. Why she loves him is I don't know, I just know it's a one-way street. She even stood by him when he became impotent due to the junk he was shooting up...and she didn't go out and bang some more manly Italian stud during that time.

But agreed, Cody, I think you make a good point at the end there...I think they'll both end up dead, I just can't predict how yet.

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