Man, I didn't like chrissy this whole entire episode. He is one of my favorites and I was jus f-----' frustrated that he kept on flirting with that damn girl with the fur coat (even though I totally understand lol)

But I know if Chris wasn't such a prick all the freakin time towards Ade, and just say I love you or something every once in awhile, he may stop Ade being a rat. I was waiting for Chris to say something nice or JUST SOMETHING other than insulting her and stop flirting with that friend (in front of ade no less!).

Im afraid I know where this storyline is going, but dammit, why this cliche route? I hope david chase comes with something original.

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Re: Christopher

i think if anything Christopher's flirting right in front of Adrianna proves that he doesn't consider her his soulmate like Adrianna does. This might let Adrianna be less conflictive about talking to the Feds b/c the only person she really does not want to hurt is Christopher...and if he doesn't care for her like she does...

also, haven't we seen this franscesco girl before? she kinda reminds of that girl that was with mustang sally in season when he whacked the guy with a golf club. I think i might be wrong b/c I'm judging mainly by the way both talked.


Re: Christopher

Christopher is doing the same thing sober as he did while a junkie...openly flirting with other women in front of Adriana.

She's so torn. On the one hand, you have her skank bridesmaid (whom she threw under the bus at the end of the episode to the Feds, nice touch!) saying "You gotta look out for yourself" which resonates with Adriana.

Then on the other hand you have Rosalie Aprile saying something like "At least Judas killed himself, that rat bastard"
which obviously also hit a nerve.

The thing is, Chrissy thinks he's doing Adriana a favor.
She's "damaged goods" to him...she might not be able to carry his child, so he's doing her a favor by marrying (maybe)
her. She had to put up with the comare b.s. and him waving his mincchia in the face of every pretty girl who comes his way. He forgets that she's been right there for him all along...Tony had to keep reminding him last season.

I don't know what's going to win with Adriana...her "stand by her man" attitude or her hurt at getting dissed constantly.



Dont get me wrong, I love Christopher as a character. He's an egotistical scum bag tough guy from the streets and makes the perfect gangster. As a human being, however, lets face it; he's a piece of sh*t. He treats EVERYONE in his life like sh*t..even disrespectful to Tony and his crew. As for Ade, she has to be the most sympathetic character on the show. She has such a big heart and cares about anything and everything, but has * NO ONE * to care anything about her in return. Thats why she came this close to opening up to the "wives club" in Rat Pack. Lets face it: she has no real friends, her fiance beats her and treats her like cr*p emotionally, and even her mother and her don't have a great relationship. She had the dog as a best friend, and Chris killed it. She latched onto Danielle and told her everything on her mind, and look where it got her. She's gotta be this close to putting a gun in her mouth.




Agreeing with you. What would he have to say in his own behalf...fragile sobriety?

What scares me is Tony...against the advice of Junior, Paulie, Sil...against his own instincts, even, insists on holding this kid close to him. Orders through blood and all that. He was high for half the time he was mopping up/chopping up Ralph Ciforetto.

Typical mobster maybe...but deep down I get the feeling that despite his comares, despite his wantonness, Tony really loves and cares for Carm. It's not just a using-her-to-keep-the-house-clean-and-occasionally-bang thing. I think not only is she the mother of his children, she's his soulmate. Yeah, two flawed as h*ll soulmates, but soulmates.

Look at Ade, how she supported Chrissie's writing aspirations. Everything. She gets nothing. To me, he's a half a step up from Jackie Jr....and that "I'd follow (Tony) into hell" thing...? I don't believe it.

Just my two cents. Don't get me one who meets in the back room of the Bing is an angel. But I'd trust Sil or Paulie ahead of Chris any day.



she ought to wise up and leave? adrianna is a worthless piece of ass, sorry to say. That statement would not have been true until she became a rat. Chris oughta wise up and put a bullet in her head. I think Chris and Ade are both going to wind up dead. Maybe not both in this season, but by the end of it all.



Adriana was screwed the moment she was pulled by the FBI. She couldn't tell anyone about it because as Agent Harris said:

"After you make bail you could explain to tony soprano why you brought an undercover federal agent into his home during sunday dinner."

I think as she's such a popular character with the viewers (IMO) she might not be whacked, rather I'm guessing she might just go on the run.

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