Uncle Junior-Youngest person to ever serve in WW2?

Here we go, my first post. I must say, it's a bit intimidating.

There's a scene in DNR, in which Junior is petitioning to get out of jail on a medical, when his lawyer says the following to the judge "He pays his taxes, and he's a veteran of the second World War".

Here's the problem; In the season 1 episode 'I dream of Jeannie Cusamano (sp?)', it is revealed that Junior is 72 years old, when he's being interrogated and the D.A offers him a deal, the DA says something like 'You're 72 years old. How many years you got left?'. So we can assume that Corrado Soprano is 72 in DNR, too, which would make him 11 at the start of WW2 and 17 at the end.

Anyone else catch this? There are several other time-line paradoxes in the series, but this one stands out to me the most. I'm curious if these are just errors, or Chase really doesn't think timelines are too relevant on the show.

Re: Uncle Junior-Youngest person to ever serve in WW2?

Hi DonnieBrasco,

I had a look at that scene you mentioned and it might appear that Junior's lawyer is lying to make his client look like a persecuted patriot. The look on Corrado's face when his lawyer was appealing to the judge suggests this. Junior would then compare the proposed house arrest to be like living in Hitler's Germany.

It is no great stretch but perhaps Junior's birth and age were forged, perhaps by as little as a year or two or even service records were fabricated as well. Otherwise it wasn't unusual for 17 year olds to be serving in 1945 so there is always a possibility that he might have even been drafted or was old of enough to have been drafted or enlisted to allow the lawyer to make a plea for mercy.
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