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there's something I didn't understand between this episode and the precedent one, Isabella.
When the FBI guys play the tapes for Tony, they explain that there was a wire in Green Grove and we can hear dialogues that were recorded in Livia's room earlier in the season. There's this particular passage, when Livia says something about her cousin : "My cousin Cakey, after he has his lobotomy, looked exactly like my son etc..." (arround the 15th minute). What is interresting is that we heard this passage in the precedent episode , but it was not in Livia's room. It was in front of a cinema, during a very dream-like moment : there's a strange hat flying on the ground and it also seems unusual for Livia to go out to see a movie.

Either way, at some point it must be a real moment, because the feds have recorded it. So why do you think it was shot in this particular way in "Isabella" ? Did Tony have kind of a premonitory dream ?

P.S.*: please excuse me for my hesitant english, i live in switzerland and my mother tongue is french.

Re: FBI Tapes

It's been a long time since I've watched those episodes, but I think I recall the scene you mention, and it did happen on a very windy day when Livia and Junior were outside a theater. Isabella had a lot of wind in the scenes where Tony sees the phantom woman on whom he has an unconscious maternal projection. Given the "great wind" that takes on particular significance in season 6, perhaps this is a cue that Tony was having some kind of intuitive, dream-like insight into what Livia was doing even before he heard the tapes. But it's difficult to say, especially without going back and watching the episodes carefully.

As a mundane explanation, perhaps the bug(s) they planted in Green Grove included one in Livia's purse or on a personal item she carries in her purse.

Whatever the explanation, good catch.:smile:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: FBI Tapes

Good observation. Perhaps as already noted, there could be a bug on Livia. Or, particularly as Junior was boss and the FBI was working on indictments, maybe there were agent(s) surveilling him (e.g. with a parabolic microphone). As you noted, the conversation was on the street.
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