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4 - This episode is not my favorite. It is yet another Chris-centric episode. When watching the series through for the first time, I never really put it together that my least favorite episodes were when the story focused heavily on Chris (i.e. The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti, A Hit is a Hit, D-Girl, etc.). I have always agreed with FoMW that the Sopranos (as a show) all focus and revolve around Tony. So when we take these episodes which do not delve into Tony's life, and furthermore focus on Tony's underlings with no repercussions for Tony whatsoever, there really is not much there to enjoy. Sure, the dialogue is snappy, the acting is great. But the story always falters. Who cares if Ade gets a start in the music industry?

Sure, Tony IS in the story, it focuses on his relationship with Dr. Cusamano and how Tony relates to people outside his normal circle. This is entertaining, but feels like it is thrown in just to give some screen time to Gandolfini and therefore making it a complete Sopranos episode. I should mention that the point the episode makes, meaning, how different Tony is from the neighborhood guys is a good one, but seems like a secondary thought.

I know that Chase always wanted to focus on more singular, individual episodes. This is what this episode is to an extent. However, as the series progressed, it has become obvious that when we go too far from Tony's subconscious, we find how shallow and meaningless the others in his life really are. And that is an interesting point in and of itself.

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Easily the worst episode of season one. As garthman mentioned, that it focuses on Chris, but even more that we have so much screenstime devoted to Massive Genius - it be somewhat entertaining, but not perhaps of The Sopranos world.

I did enjoy the curiosity shown by Melfi when she is at the dinner party, and especially how she shows she may be more like Tony that is often thought - she likes the "goomba" glass that the others are making fun of. As well, I did get a kick out of Tony trying to be amongst the "legit" guys when playing golf and the BBQ. But these scenes are not enough to overcome the drag that the whole music scene does to the show.

Sorry - I just don't care about Defiler, and that's the song we get as the show ends. Even after hearing some great Annie Lenox when Chris and Ade have the fight. This show is a 3 (and really, you might even call it a 2.6) Not my favorite.

Now I am off to watch the Rock and Roll HoF and see some decent music acts. I might get a chance to watch Nobody Knows Anything tonight. If not, then tomorrow.
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Not a great episode, I gave it a 6, but season 1 was so great it is hard for an episode that is not great to be accepted. There were so entertaining scenes in this episode though. Like Christopher acting ignorant at the food stand and his interaction with the rapper, Massive Genious. "Nice car, must belong to the homie in the blue hat"
I also always get a laugh when Christopher hit the guy from Defiler with the guitar and tells him to go shoot up or whatever he needs to do.
They should have whacked the rapper, he got very cocky during the conference call. The first time I saw the episode I thought he was a goner.

Re: Episode 1.10: A Hit Is a Hit - Grades & General Review

billymac wrote:Just to show how tastes differ, this is a personal favorite from season one. Although its primary focus is on Chris, Ade and Massive G, it contains just the right blend of Tony, Paulie, Hesh, Sil and the boys. It is a nice stand-alone piece of comedy-drama.
Yeah, this episode is not without its merits. I also crack up during the recording session with Christopher and the singer from Defiler. "Excuse me! But I will have you know, I recorded in Denmark!" Some good stuff there, but nothing that puts it over the top in my opinion. Different folks, different strokes. In rewatching this episode again last night. I found myself not as angry at it. I feel it definitely has it's moments. It is not a particularly strong episode, but now that the series has wrapped, all we are really left with are a series of great, amazing moments. And this episode has some of them. That is noteworthy in and of itself.

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The Jimmy Smash story has to be one of my favorite scenes ever. That said, I tend to agree with Garth and DH that this is the weakest episode of the season. It does flesh out the character of Adriana quite a bit (and she would later become a favorite of mine) as well as her and Chris's relationship, and I like Tony's subplot quite a bit, but it's not an episode that is worth revisiting very often, to me. I will say that as much as I may dislike some of the Chris-centric episodes, Michael Imperioli was always on point. He really is a stunning actor, and maybe a bit underrated, having to live in James Gandolfini's and Edie Falco's shadows.

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A superb comic episode that started the exploration of Adriana and Chris's relationship and full of comic moments such as Chris's racism, the Visiting Day beating and the conversation with Hesh at the end. One thing I would have changed is the ending credits song to Dori Hartley "Nobody Loves Me But You" which would have fitted better in my opinion
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I was wondering. At the end of the episode, when Chris is siting at the Bing, and Hesh comes in to pick up some papers, he hears a song on the radio, and says "This is a hit", or something like that. I always wondered, was that a song played by the band that Adriana was a producer for? Visiting Day, if I'm right.
Because, if Hesh thought that a song was a hit, and previously said that the band is no good, it proves that Adriana had a good feeling about that band, and that they are good. Anyone thoughts on that?
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