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Thanks Fly. I'm actually in one of my No Sopranos funks so i'm enjoying the therapy of commenting.

Couple of questions Rich had that i can help with(from my perspective anyway)

Why the flick from the chin, though?

Thats a classic Italian putdown. Pretty much an animated "up yours'

What does the bending of the nose mean?

Pretty much an Italian stereotype of mobsters all have broken noses. Also may refer to the classic Roman Nose that can be big.

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

Say Blooshot- that scene with the old asassins with the blind sister- must have been Federal Hill, right? Everything about the setting made me think the writers picked someplace that was the quintessential example of a well-known place with a famous history that i wasn't quite aware of since i'm not from the east coast. Something about the front door.

For some reason, that scene has always really stuck in my mind. Beautifully crafted and perfectly executed- it seemed to catch an essence as if if the writer or contributor to it had been there and remembered every little detail. i still hear the blind woman speaking of the priest and serving Caravelle. Reminds me of going to old relative's houses as a kid and that sort of familiar family feeling, but a bit awkward as well since it was a step into the past.

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

Hi Bada, Yes they would have wanted it to have that take place on the Hill. I'm pretty sure it is Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess who wrote that episode and commented on their RI background. The house they chose was pretty spot on, although it would have been located on Broadway, which runs parallel, where all the Victorians are. Atwells was where all the shops, restuarants and apartments are. Most of the shops and great places to eat are still there, but the rest of the neighborhood has changed. The local paper just did a pretty accurate article on the changes including the guy who now owns what was once the headquarters of New England mob. Very reminisent of Little Italy just being a block or so long ... 8f281.html

They did pick the perfect living room to have them meet those Atwell(s) Ave boys though. The high ceilings and dusty old feel to theplace brought back memories

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

Bloodshot: Thanks for that link about Federal Hill and the historical changes towards more diversity-and less italian presence. The comments following the article were priceless. I just love to read this sort of thing, especially as it relates to Sopranos scenes. Reminds me of the changes around Satriale's neighborhood and the juice bar. Sad, but true, state of affairs for alot of the old neighborhoods in this country.

The photo in the article says a lot- not so many italians attending Mass there now. imo, sounds like the italians abandoned their faith roots to some extent, and there went the culture out the window. Its a classic story being repeated all over this country and around the world.

imo, its a mistake if they paint over the mural of the Roman acquaduct.

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

Hey Bada, so glad you took the time to read the article. I reread it again and realized how approprate it was to have it as part of this forum. From all our discussions, as well as, various interviews i've read with Chase and of course the reference to Atwells Ave , the article certainly did give a real life perspective to several topics brought up on the show. I miss the old neighborhood, but it's the cycle of life in America at this point.

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

I know this is sort of an ancient thread, and while I can't shed any light on what Tony says, I can say that the gesture he makes is the crude/street gesture for a vagina, or 'pussy,' if I'm not mistaken. Again, I have no idea what Tony says, but I can certainly understand Grasso's offense at the gesture.

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

Grasso, ti faccio un culo cosi.

"i'm hear to tell you your an asshole". Culo is buttocks-stick a cosi after it and you have the italian slang for asshole. And as i mentioned in an earlier post, judging by the size of Tony's hand jesture, your a big one Grasso. And it's just dawning on me as i typed his name, thats actually what he may be making fun of

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

being Italian born and raise i can tell u: "ti faccio un culo così" means literally "i'll make you an ass this big" (referred to the gesture done with the hands, representing the "wideness" of the ass"), the meaning is more or less "i'll kick your ass (untill it swallows)" (the expression is purely insulting and has no sexual undertext). as far as concern the gesture: a similar one is used to represent a vagina, but in this case thumbs and indexes are touching; in this case is usually used when someone wants to refer at a woman sexually, anyway is not isulting "per se", the gesture used by Tony instead is used almost only in this context (with the "ti faccio un culo così" phrase), and when used alone, without saying nothing, usually means that same phrase, and is commonly intended as a phisycal threat to somebody.
a lot of other italian expression if literally translated can have a very different meaning in english, for example to say that a girl is very hot we use the word "figa" like in "michelle rodriguez è una gran figa" meaning "michelle rodriguez is smoking hot", but literally "michelle rodriguez is a big cunt" (the word "figa" meaning "cunt" or "pussy", anyway a slang for vagina).
i hope i've helped

to bloodshoot:
così can be a conjunction or an adverb meaning "so" "as" "thus" "so as" etc.. the italian word for Asshole is usually "stronzo" (wich is literally "turd"). the literal translation of "ass hole" wich is "buco di culo" is usually used to refer at a person incredibly lucky. "Che buco di culo!" (literally "what an ass hole") is used to say "what a lucky strike!") i know it sounds really strange, but i swear that's it.
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