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Hopefully bada or one of our Italian-speaking posters will weigh in, but I'll venture a guess based on the gesture Tony makes when he says the words. IIRC, he puts the thumb and index finger of each hand together to form a circle or hole, and Grasso responds with something like "your ass!". I'm thinking Tony said something like, "You're taking it up the ass from these guys" (as in, he's a sucker Italian in the FBI who thinks he's actually accepted by these whitebread guys) or "I'm going to put one in your ass" or "I'll ream you a new asshole." Whatever it was, it was pretty hostile, LOL.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

I thought that was the gesture made, but a friend claimed he touched his nose, and made the circular/diamond shape only when he see's Grasso in the police van prior to hearing the Green Grove recordings.

I thought the gesture there was the same as the one in the kitchen.

Need to rewatch the episode, really. I intended to do so last night, but the call of From Where to Eternity was too great!

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

Leading on from this, what are some of the other insults etymologies?

I know Va'fa Napoli means 'Go to Hell' and literally 'Go to Napoli'. Furio explains the North/South divide and how the South is considered poor by the North, so using Napoli as an isnult kind of adds to that.

Why the flick from the chin, though?

What does the bending of the nose mean?

We also find out that Buchiach means 'cunt' in D-Girl, it's interesting to see it used throughout the show too, notably Sil calls Tracey this in University.

Any others?

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

Growing up Italian in my house there was one word you never ever used; Fachean. It was the one thing that would automatically get you 2 fingers to the back of the head. The funny thing is though no one can really tell you what it means. Of course your parents won't. But i've approached crusty old bartenders who cringed when i asked and shook their heads, as well as, various friends and relatives up on Federal Hill (Italian section of RI with heavy mob history) and never got the same answer twice. Furio screams it a couple of times in the show (when he slips on eggs in the farmers marker). I think it pops up once or twice through out the series. As a side note, one of Capones guys screams it as he's being shot by Kevin Costner in the cabin at the border in The Untouchables.

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

Outstanding spot!

When you say growing up Italian, do you mean actually Italian, or American Italian?

The reason I ask is that one of the things I notice about the Sopranos is that often the more serious insults are given out in Italian, even though many of the people in question have never been to Italy.

Is that true to life?

Re: Tony insulting Grasso

American Italian. Pretty much spot on to setting of the Sopranos. Only difference being the stateside location. While they are set in NJ, I grew up and still live in Rhode Island. Several of the writers came from the same area of Federal Hill (section in RI capital of Providence). Several scenes and even one road trip from the show were based on the heavy Italian/mob influence the littlest state has.

The swearing in italian is probaly the extent of most itloamericans master of the langage. Fung Gool is pretty much the all time favorite
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