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6 - While this is one of the better (if not THE best) of the Christopher-centric episodes, it still falls pretty short of what this season has shown us. Christopher wanting to make a name for himself completely makes sense to me as a viewer. However, the timing that he wants to make a name for himself in the midst of federal indictments? That is a bit ludicrous.

Yes, Chris is impulsive, but who would actually want to be named in a federal indictment, much less fall into a depression over it. This does go to show the difference between Chris and Tony (who is noticeably under-used this episode), while Tony's depression is spurred by very real and valid concerns in his life, Chris's depression comes from his "lack of an arc".

Also a couple innaccuracies as further seasons show. First, Pussy has a different wife, unless we are led to believe that the woman helping him burn records is his goomar (unlikely, as she is heavier and in all, not nearly as attractive as Angie) and an appearance by Vito as just a regular guy walking into a pastry shop. That later is moreso noticeable (and kind of annoying) considering what a large part he later plays in the show.

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I went even lower on this episode. While there is some humor to the entire Chris as screenwriter angle, in that it shows his stupidity, it doesn't quite accomplish what it might have been meant to accomplish. It does show a certain manner in which the younger generation looks at things - wanting to be a bit of a rock star or some such, but I agree that the timing seems off while everyone else is running around talking about indictments.

Further, as mentioned, this episode more than perhaps any other is responsible for some of the continuity issues in the show - the wives at the wedding and Vito as Geno. However, that bakery scene does give a nice shout-out to Imperioli as Spider.

And what really irritates about this particular episode is the amount of discussion set aside for looking at Italian American issues, and particularly I think a wrong assumption that people automatically assume a name that ends in a vowel must be connected somehow. Perhaps such exists, but they seem to overplay it here.

I suppose if there was something truly interesting about this episode, it is that Carmela readily assists Tony in hiding the money and guns stored in the house. The sight of her just standing there and accepting some automatic weapons so very non-chalantly was fascinating in what it says about her within this arrangement.

All told, I give this episode a 4. Hey - not every one is pure gold.
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Re: Episode 1.08: The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti - Grade

Rated this episode "4".

I love almoust every episode which is directed by Tim Van Patten.Excelent director.
Well written this episode .Much dialog and this episode is very very funny:) I laughed so muuch:)):icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:

Chrissy's script Made Man.:)
I know that one of the writers Matthew Weiner joined Sopranos writers team in the 5th season ..But now has the show called Mad Men :)) as U all know...I dont know it just funny:))
Chrissy is funny...Airhead..Love the way Tony screamed at him...Overall I dont like Chrissys character.Weak,iresponsible , airhead etc.As Chase told many times only thing he regrets that he did not kill this character earlier...But he makes the good laughs always...And specially with Paulie:))

And again Livia!Such a bright lady!:)) And the writing and the dialogin'between Junior and Livia!masterpiece..Well acted , superclass!:)

Re: Episode 1.08: The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti - Grade

Billyv wrote:But thanks for contributing your thoughts - as you may have noticed there's no longer much activity on this site :smile:
True, but I also stop by almost everyday and do read (or skim on busy days) new posts. And I think there are still some hard core who do pretty much the same. So there's little activity, but there is some passivity.:icon_biggrin:
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