Junior's varsity athlete comment

Interesting to see that Tony mentions that his Uncle Junior told his "girl cousins" that he would never be a varsity athlete and that it damaged his self esteem. Poignant considering this is a comment Junior kept repeating in season 5 episode 3, which led to Tony distancing himself from Junior. I think it is intended as an indication of how deep a childhood 'wound' cuts and how Tony's childhood experiences and the actions of his 'parental' figures remain with him and shaped him.

Re: Junior's varsity athlete comment

clonecollector wrote: I was watching season 2 last week and I think junior mentions to Tony how he could've been a varsity athlete if he wanted to. They were at Meadow's soccer game I believe.
Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep my eye out for that. I want to watch season 2 again to see Richie Aprile. Although I wasn't a fan when the show first aired, he's a great character.
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