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The splicing of dialogue from curse words to non-curse words was remarkably un-noticable. The production team did an excellent job. I think the actors must have recorded the non-curse words at the time of the original release date b/c when AJ said, "No freakin' zitti?!" it sounded exactly like Robert Iler when he was like 10 or 11 years old.

I enjoyed this episode very much. The plotlines given to us by Chase (the fall of the Mafia, Tony's mother conspiring against him, Carmella telling Tony he is going to hell, Gary Cooper references, the increase in FBI informants, the ducks, etc) all seem to be over-riding themes that come into play throughout the 'entire' series, and will help us understand in Season 6b how things come full circle.

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Do we plan to comment here on the A&E airing of "The Sopranos" from beginning to end?

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A&E's Profanity-Free Tony Soprano A Hit

Last night's sanitized start of the profanity- and graphic sex/violence-free syndication of The Sopranos on the A&E network was the most watched off-network series premiere in cable history. First show of the still ongoing HBO drama attracted 4.3 million viewers -- even though "friggin" was the go-to curse word and the scenes of sex and violence were re-shot or edited to be cable compliant. But those numbers will change come February when ABC's Lost returns with new episodes. Then drama fans will have a quandary. Remember, back in 2005, A&E broke the bank and paid a record $2.5 mil per episode for Tony et al. But instead of stuffing commercials into the shows, the network's sales capo Mel Berning decided to go for a "theatrical viewing experience" -- a handful of pricey sponsorship packages, the most expensive of which sold for as much as $50 million, according to Advertising Age. He also kept the number of ad pods to a minimum. Y'day's two-episode premiere was slated to run with only six breaks compared to the usual eight to 10. Additionally, two of the pods featured only one sponsor. A&E also tailored the ad spots with mob references.

Posted by Nikki Finke on Thursday, January 11th, 2007 at 04:27PM

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The softer language and violence wasn't too noticeable at times, but it was annoying. No f'ing ziti was the best line in episode 1, but not the revised version.

They also used shadows and darkness to hide nudity. Many key things were lost at times. The picture quality on A&E is pretty bad with my cable system. I am used to watching the older episodes on DVD or the new Episodes in HD. It is a HUGE step down to a bad cable signal. :icon_cry:

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Monadax wrote:Do we plan to comment here on the A&E airing of "The Sopranos" from beginning to end?
Yeah. I'm setting up a forum for each episode (just like with first run eps on HBO from season 6 (and season 5 from Sopranoland)). New forums will be timed with first time airings on A&E.

I recieved several requests for individual episode forums for the entire series, and I thought now would be a good time to implement it.

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Detective Hunt wrote:You are not losing your mind. :icon_wink: Both characters were played by different actors in the pilot episode. It was not until their next appearance each that Oksana Lada and Phil Schulze took over the roles.
Which was at least a year later, as the pilot is much older then the rest of season 1. Also, notice the difference in camera movements and shots within the Sopranos home. That's because the Pilot was shot in the actually house. Almost all the interior shots after episode 1 are done in studio, which greatly improves filming conditions. Obviously, exterior shots are all on location.

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I graded this episode an 8 (out of 10). A good episode that got us started, however Chase's direction and the editing is inconsistant. Also, many characters are inconsistant with the show later on, i.e. Adrianna, Irina, and Father Phil
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