Greetings, a few things:

I have probably watched each episode atleast 20 to 30 times in the past years and have enjoyed reading all the in-sight that is within this forum.

I remember reading that Hesch estimated Tony's worth at 6,000,000 . I always wondered with Hesch being Hesch, his having "wrote six gold records", and other many insinuations of his massive worth, what do you fellow Soprano associates think of "Hershey's" (Hesch's gf's pet name for him) worth? compared to Tony's lousy 6 mil.

Reminds me of when Carm and Ro we're talking about what Jacky left Ro Carm"was it enough?" Ro "Yah..... not really"

Oh, and remeber Junior telling Tony that Johnny Soprano "left Livia with a package that would choke a chicken" when Tony saw her as having "Chee chee beans" So where the Hell did Livia's fortune go? Did she give it away with the Jewelery that Tony said came right out of Cartier's window?

..Janice in the basement with a hammer and cup looking for cash hole voids in the concrete .. makes you wonder

Re: Greetings, a few things:

Don't really have any opinion on the money issues, as I never really paid attention. I hope someone chimes in. There's not a whole lot of activity here anyway, but most folks are extra busy this time of year. So I just wanted to welcome you to the forum.:icon_smile:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Greetings, a few things:

As there are many who believe Tony was killed by the Man in the Member's Only Jacket, perhaps, consistent with the concept of the series coming full-circle, Livia spent her hidden money to have Tony killed in the final scene, whenever that was to occur. Or maybe Barbara, the quiet sister, found and took the money before the series even started...
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