What's your "sopranofeeling"....?

Hi all,

I'll share a little private sopranomoment here.

It's around midnight, your wife is off to bed, but you want to stay up a little more; finish that last bit of red, play another record or watch a bit of telly. Or simply sit quietly alone with your own thoughts.
Half an hour passes and you flick out the lights, lock the frontdoor and stumble to the fridge. You grab two slices of salami and stuff them in your mouth, one hangs out a bit....grab a slice of prosciutto, and in it goes.
I scratch my belly and am ready for bed.

Everytime I do this I think of Tony Soprano and have to smile
(In my defense: this is not a daily routine...)

My own little "sopranorush" . I'm sure an even bigger rush, sopranostyle, can be had at a place like the Badabing, but I'm afraid i'd run into serious domestic problems....:smile:

Anyone care to share their sopranofeeling ?



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