Now THAT'S Ketchup

Ok, since this is the "anything" part of The Chase Lounge, I figured this would be the place to post this. Me and my buddies entered a Heinz 57 Ketchup Commercial contest. All contestents are required to create a 30 second Heinz commercial. After Aug. 27th (I think), they (Heinz) picks the top 15. At that point, the commercials are voted on by the internet community and a top 5 are chosen. Eventually a winner is selected, who wins $57,000.

We are not at the voting stage, so who knows if we will even make the top 15. But thought you all might be a bit interested (or just bored) and want to view it. You can check it out on youtube.

Oh, and I am the guy in the white, collared shirt at the very beginning and at the end ;-)

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