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Whiteshark, I don't think many people that come to this board actually know Gandolfini, and those that do would not likely reveal his hangouts on a public message board. You aren't going to stalk him, are you?:icon_mrgreen:

The last I can remember, I read that he lived in Manhattan somewhere. I seem to recall something about him buying a house/condo that belonged to some other actor couple . . . or maybe that was his neighbor? All very fuzzy now.

I do recall that he and his wife divorced a few years ago. I THINK he subsequently got engaged to, and then "disengaged" from, another woman.

Haven't heard anything recently regarding his dating/marital status. The few gossip items I've come across regarding his personal life suggest he gets around with the ladies. Perhaps he's taking too much of his work home.:icon_mrgreen:

I did notice, with much delight, that he attended a New Jersey Nets home game last spring with a young boy that I presume was his son. They sat right beside the Nets bench (and seemed to be guests of someone with the team). His son was in a Vince Carter jersey. The TV crew put the camera on James several times during the game. In one very amusing moment, he stood on the court during a time out to get a picture of his son near the Nets bench. As he pulled out his camera (a very nice 35 mm SLR, not some pock digital) he smiled because he noticed the broadcast crew coming out to get video of him taking pictures of his kid.

Also happened to notice that Vince Curatola was in attendance at a Nets game a week or so ago.

Re: James Gandolfini...

lol.... even if I had his email I could never email him! Can you imagine how idiotic I would sound? No thanks..I'll admire / respect him and the other actors from afar!

Now David Chase...I would email!

LOL!!!:icon_wink: I would love to comment him on some of his comments during Kaisha!
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