Sopranos as a thesis subject: some help needed

Hello, been a reader, member, lurker.
I also hope that with this thread I am barking at the right tree...

Am a fan, and now so dedicatied that i decided to tell more about one of my favourite series.

I am currently attending a communication course at a college in Hungary, and as this is my final year this is also time for a thesis document.

After some thinking I came up with an idea:
I decided to research and write about the background of the series' success.

As the series is clearly the prduct of the late Clinton america with the large economic boost, so does Tony comes into the picture of the american dream with the same house and car and an entirely different life(style)...

Now what I need help is a possible booklist, either about the series or about the general telesvision history of the last 10 years- the series impact, influence (back and forth)

If anyone could suggest me some books about the television culture and the sopranos- note this is basically a communication course!- it woudl be greatly appreciated.

Re: Sopranos as a thesis subject: some help needed

I can add a couple. I recieved both as gifts.

One is called "The Gospel According to Tony Soprano", written by Chris Seay, a church pastor from Texas. I never finished this book, found it not particularly well-written and a little elementary in concept, though it did provide some original thoughts and ways of looking at the show in relation to "ordinary" lives, particularly the lives of those striving to be good Christians.

The other was written by Dr. Glen Gabbard, a psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at, I believe, Baylor University (what is it with the Sopranos and Texas!). It's called [size=-1][SIZE=-1]The Psychology of the Sopranos: Love, Death, Desire, and Betrayal in America's Favorite Gangster Family. [/size][/SIZE]This one was actually pretty good, some decent analyses of the certain aspects of the show and some very good insight on psychiatric classifications of "anti social" and "psychopathic" personalities. He illuminates a lot of stuff in the Melfi-Tony dynamic and helps you appreciate (even more than by just watching the show) how realistic the therapy scenes are. He says that he even uses passages from the show to illustrate various strategies (good and bad) for dealing with patients, this because, for confidentiality reasons, it's quite difficult to ever let residents in psychiatry observe real psychotherapy sessions, unlike, for example, a resident in cardiology, who is generally free to follow his teaching doctor all around to his various patients. Anyway, it's a decent book that could serve as a viable reference.

Those are the only two I've had personal experience with, but the Sopranos have inspired several books, mostly collections of critical essays. An Internet search could provide you with those options and more, I'm sure. Good luck!

ummmmmmmmmm ok, but...

Thanks for all the replies.

Well since then, I had made a little research myself. I found these books on Amazon. The subject for my thesis is actually the easiest and also the most difficult: it is the reason why we all are watching it. My following title will reaveal the kind of books that I was trying to ask for:

The background of the succes of the Sopranos in the american audience.

With tha I am thinking about everytghing, from the film citing of other films to the boat rides, and the set tours. How the viewers enjoy to throw them into this reality, where in fact they could be the next door neightbour to T. For americans, and especially popele in Jersey, the series hit a a bigger nerve so to speak.
(Compared to them, I am just a plain old european guy, who is into all kind of human dealings from cunnilingus and psychology...)

So the books I found are the following:

Tony Soprano's America: The Criminal Side of the American Dream

Reading the "Sopranos" (Reading Contemporary Television)
by David Lavery (Editor)

The Sopranos and Philosophy: I Kill Therefore I Am
by Richard Greene, Peter Vernezze

The "Sopranos" on the Couch: Analyzing Television's Greatest Series
by Maurice Yacowar

This Thing of Ours - Investigating the Sopranos: Investigating the Sopranos
by David Lavery -probably the" Reading" is similar to this one-

And also this is the only book I found that also got my interest concerning television history involving the last 10 years.

Watching TV: Six Decades of American Television (The Television Series)
by Harry Castleman, Walter J. Podrazk

Could anybody recommend me any other television books which mentions the sopranos, and its effect on the audience? A television book in my assumption would be a bit more scientific compared to the Sopranos books, which might only just to feed the fans. But since this is a thesis, I need some more "serious stuff as well.."

Sorry for all the bother....

Re: ummmmmmmmmm ok, but...

The recommendation of the 2 Lavery books, in particular, are the most useful ones, in terms of how they are situated within academic media studies' scholarship. I can also recommend Glen Creeber's book 'Television Genre' which is a good undergrad student text. It provides a very useful background of TV history and TV studies' scholarship, and provides an extensive list of useful references for further reading. A must read, in my opinion! There are many ways to tackle the whole area though, so focus is the key - I think the textual analyses in the first Lavery book might be the best for you. Good luck and I hope my 2 cents is not coming in too late in the day. PS; I;ve just introduced myself in the 'meet market' thread which mentions that my PhD research is based on The Sops and its fandom..have a look when you have a minute.
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