I'm Sorry

Hello All,

I'm sorry. I've tried to visit a few times and find something to post about. But I've just been unable. There doesn't seem to be very much to discuss aside from The Sopranos and it is very, very far from my everyday consciousness.

Does anyone know when the next few episodes are likely to be produced and to air?

I saw that Fly has been sending us polite messages when we fail to post any new messages after a set period of time (like a few weeks), but I just can't find anything else to post about.

It would be a shame if this wonderful, beautiful forum were to die. Can't we find another good topic to discuss?

I fear that if we don't do something soon, people will just slowly lose interest and this place will become a Ghost Town. How sad would that be?

Re: I'm Sorry

:icon_neutral: Splishak. Try not to worry- hopefully this place won't die. But you're right- it does seem like not much is happening lately. i think its just that everyone is tied up with the end of summer, school season is just starting for some, vacations for those in the USA celebrating Labor Day, etc. (unfortunately i am working today, but as you can see, stealing a quick minute away to check my favorite forum!) I tried to drum up interest in my never-ending fascination with all the eggs 'n oranges symbolism, but had no luck! I tried to add some spice to the Trivia Game, but it seems to have flattened out! But- still we must carry on and not despair! Surely as it gets closer to air time in March '07 for the new 6B season, it will pick up again. In the meanwhile, i was hoping that people re-watching older seasons would chime in-- they seem to have a little action still back at Sopranoland, but ofcourse without the brilliant commentary you would find here.

I still think it would help to change the main viewing skin to a more conventional look and be more user-friendly. For even the occasional guests logging on that are unfamilar with how to change the view, it can be really distracting to see the dark background and white font. Its too hard to read! Sometimes when i select a screen, it kicks back to the dark screen or makes me log back in-- and i don't have time to re-log in or fiddle around with it, so i just go elsewhere. Perhaps others are doing the same?

-- i am definitely still out here keeping watch on this board!! :icon_biggrin:

Re: I'm Sorry

I still check daily and reply when able, but I'm still in the busiest part of my work year and won't really be in the swing around here until mid October.

badabellisima, I definitely still plan to offer a lighter version of this skin when I find time to do all the necessary file modification. I will also consider changing the default . . . but it may be kicking and screaming.:icon_mrgreen: I normally don't like dark forums either, but this one is much, MUCH more readable than most dark forums and easier on the eyes than many light background forums IMO. I am viewing it now exclusively on LCD screens (replaced my desktop monitor recently to a widescreen HDTV compatible Gateway monitor), and that may be a significant reason that I find it less objectionable on a comfort level than some. But I will offer another skin or two when I find the time to customize them with all the extra scripts that are required for this forum.

In the mean time, I appreciate that you guys check in so often and post. I do read everything except spoilers, so even if I'm not replying I'm enjoying all the input.

I will probably do some time-consuming search-engine optimization by the end of the year to give the forum a higher profile on google. I'd like to have enough members to make sure that there is always SOME new content daily.

Most of the inactivity, though, will be cured by the simple passage of time I think. The other Sopranos forums I visit are always pretty slow in the offseason.
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