Can Anyone Help me with a Small Problem?

Lately I've been finding myself using the Mirriam-Webster site a lot to find the correct spelling and/or meaning of words as well as synonyms. That site seems to be a combination dictionary and thesaurus.

But, for some reason, it is just takes so dang long to load! I'm on cable but the slow version (twice the speed of dialup). May I ask if any of you have a good tool or technique you use to find synonyms, antonyms and spellings of words when writing on the net? I realize we have this new spell checker here and it's integrated into our editor. But I find I use that only to check spellings as a last step before I'm ready to post something.

The level of erudition on this site is so high that it's just plum embarassing to post something and use the wrong spelling or word form. After reading some of the posts here, posting something with the wrong spelling or word form just seems so damn dumb! Know what I mean?

Can anyone help me?
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