Open Invitation

I know that it is very unlikely that many of the members of this forum would enjoy the show Big Brother and would want to participate in a forum that essentially mocks and ridicules the contestents.

But there doesn't seem to be anything to do this summer wrt The Sopranos. So I'd like to invite anyone who is interested to check out the board:

This season is an all-stars season.

By the way, you may recognize me there under the ID Splishak, but I will probably post under the name "Ooga Ooga".

Just a small warning, that forum is far more viscous and mean-spirited than this one. The tone of most posts is far more politically incorrect (lots of brutal, vulgar and nasty stuff with no shortage of vulgar profanity). It's not for everyone. But for any adults who are interested and who can receive the Big Brother USA program, you may want to register a special new User ID - perhaps even a "local ID" (one that only works on that board).

Note to moderators: If it is deemed improper for me to post a link to that board, please accept my apologies and delete this thread. I figured it would be OK since that board has nothing to do with The Sopranos and the time when BB is active does not clash with any time when The Sopranos is active.

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